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20 Places To Find Location-Based Work at Home Jobs

According to Google Analytics, more than 86% of my audience is based in the US. That’s why the majority of opportunities shared on this blog are only open to U.S. residents. I’ve decided to do some digging around to gather as many resources that can help you be successful at finding jobs worldwide.  Let’s discuss twenty sites you can use to begin your job search.

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20 Places To Find Worldwide Location-Based Work at Home Jobs

#1 FlexJobs – Worldwide

This is one of the most reputable services that provides flexible jobs for anyone around the globe. No worries, all jobs are carefully selected for legitimacy. You’ll find jobs from reputable sites such as Aetna, Xerox,, American Express, Convergys, and many more. Start your job search now!

#2Upwork – Worldwide

Upwork is one of the largest freelance sites online where people looking for work at home jobs can find thousands of jobs in all categories imaginable. Jobs are posted by clients from around the world. Clients can choose to work with freelancers from their preferred locations. Freelancers or people looking for online work can search jobs by location. Freelancers from around the world can find jobs on this great site whether they are from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Bangladesh, Kenya, the Philippines, or other countries.

#3  Freelancer – Worldwide

This is one of the largest freelance sites where thousands of different types of freelance jobs are posted by clients from around the world. Freelancers can search for jobs by location. You need to create a profile before you can apply for jobs.

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#4 – Guru – Worldwide

This is another reputable freelance site where you can search for location-based work at home jobs. You apply for jobs by bidding on them and submitting a proposal.

#5 – Indeed – Worldwide

This is a great work at home resource site for people looking for location-based work at home jobs. The site pulls thousands of job listings from other major job boards. It is a free site where you can find a wide variety of jobs by location. Start your job search and browse by location below:

This is a huge site for people from around the world looking for work at home jobs. Holly  Hanna, the founder of the site, published an article about “Huge List of Work-at-Home Jobs by Location” targeted at people in the United States. You will find jobs listed by state in this article. The site is a great resource for freelancers and people in general looking for job search resources by location in and outside of the US.

It is a great site that provides tons of useful information about work at home jobs by location. Anna, the owner of the site wrote an article “Work at Home for Canadians ”.

Looking for a Canadian work at home job?  Top Places To Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs for People in Canada

This popular informational site has a few articles that list worldwide work at home job listings for people who live inside or outside the US.  This site has many links to sites or jobs designed for people living in various countries looking for home-based jobs online.

My site is dedicated to providing all the information you need to know about finding legitimate work at home jobs online and offline. The site lists work at home jobs that are open to home-based workers worldwide. Here is a great post entitled “International Work at Home Jobs and Online Money Making Ideas ”.

All the job postings on this site are 100% remote and open to worldwide applicants unless stated otherwise. You can search for location specific jobs by region, full-time, part-time, temporary and freelance as well.

This site provides useful work at home job posts and tips and information on how and where to find legitimate work at home jobs online. You will be able to find out which jobs are available for people from around the world as you read the job posts on this site.

This is a German freelance site where freelancers can create their accounts to apply for various types of freelance work at home jobs.

This is a freelance job site where freelancers can find projects and clients can choose freelancers to work with. Jobs are posted in many different categories and countries.

Looking for jobs in India? Top 9 Places To Find Work From Home Jobs Hiring in India

#14 – Laborum – Latin America

This is a Latin freelance site where all kinds of freelance jobs ranging from administration to call center and construction to marketing and medicine.

#15 – Remoters – France

This page shows top companies hiring remote workers in France. It also provides information for those living in France who are seeking work at home jobs.

#16 – – South America

This is a freelance site where clients from many different countries in South America post a wide variety of freelance and work at home jobs. The parent site has country-specific sites for freelancers and clients from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela. Freelancers create their profile first before they start applying for jobs.

#17 – Okeli – Sweden

It is a Swedish job site that lists project-based jobs in IT and programming fields in particular.

#18 – Jooble – Worldwide

This job board posts a variety of worldwide work at home jobs.  You do not need an account to search and can filter your search by part-time, full-time, temporary, salary, and more.

This is a Turkish job site where all kinds of IT, programming, and web development jobs are available. Users looking for jobs can create their profile and highlight their skills on the site.

TranscribeMe (Read my full review) site offers beginner Transcription jobs to people from around the globe. All you need is a computer, reliable Internet, and the ability to transcribe audio and video in any of the languages that we support.   No prior experience is needed to apply.

Final Words

There you have it!  Plenty of resources for those looking for work inside and outside the United States. Between flexible jobs and freelance gigs, there are a number of ways to make money from any location. Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook and YouTube!

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20 Places To Find Location-Based Work at Home Jobs

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Internet Businesses Tips

Why Your Mobile Site Speed Score Is Bad—And Why That’s OK

We hear from clients almost once a week asking us why their site is slow on mobile and what we can do about it. They usually send us a report they pulled from Google Lighthouse or Pagespeed Insights and they are worried why the score is so low on mobile. 98% of the time, here’s how I respond:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Just because you have a low mobile Lighthouse score doesn’t mean your site is slow.
  3. Everything will be okay with your website and your online customers.

So, on that note, let’s find out what we should be doing about these scores!

What Is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. It runs your web page through an audit for performance, but it also has audits for Accessibility, SEO, and more. For the sake of this article, when we refer to Lighthouse, we will only be referring to the Lighthouse Performance Audit.

It’s a helpful supplemental tool to quickly find out how your web page is performing, but because it is an automated audit run by a device, it shouldn’t really take the place of real-life feedback from your customers.

How Does Lighthouse Scoring Work?

Your Lighthouse score will range from 0 to 100 and is calculated by 6 different weighted metrics. These metrics are likely to change over time as the Lighthouse team continues to do research on web performance. As of Lighthouse version 8, here are the metrics and their respective weights:

We won’t go into detail on each metric, but feel free click on the links above to learn more about how each one is scored. As you can see, the two heaviest metrics are Largest Contentful Paint and Total Blocking Time, which makes up over half of your possible score. Here’s a helpful calculator tool of how changing different metrics will affect your score.

Mobile vs. Desktop Scoring

Lighthouse offers two different audits for web performance: one for desktop, and one on mobile. Running the two audits on your web page, you will probably see two vastly different scores for each.

Why is My Mobile Score So Low?

The biggest difference between the Desktop and Mobile audit is that the Mobile audit is run on a slow, 3G cellular connection. How slow is 3G? If you were blessed to have a cell phone when Verizon launched the first third-generation networks in 2002, you will remember it was excruciatingly slow.

Most of the US currently uses 4G/LTE networks, with 5G becoming more widely used every day. As of 2019, only 17% of the US is still using 3G networks. With all that said, the mobile Lighthouse audit probably isn’t representative of the majority of your users.

And if your users do have a slow, 3G connection, I can promise you, your website isn’t the only slow website they are using. The entire internet will crawl.

Your 3G users aren’t going to be turned away because your website takes 12 seconds to load on their phone, right after they waited for 2-3 minutes on Facebook to see photos of their new grandson. 3G is just slow.

Just How Bad Are Other Websites’ Mobile Scores?

Bad. Really Bad. In a look at the top 100 largest-revenue online retailers, the average score is 25.9. That’s 25.9 out of 100. Microsoft held the highest score of 68. Apple maintained a score of 58. But much of the list, including IKEA, Lowe’s, Staples, HP, and more, scored in the 20’s and 30’s. You can see the full article here.

This goes to show that mobile website optimization technology has a long way to go before it becomes standard to see good mobile scores.

Will a High Score Improve My SEO?

Short answer: Not really.

Longer answer: While Google does take Lighthouse scores into consideration for ranking, the amount of time it will take to improve your score to jump up one rank or two on Google Search is just not realistic.

It’s much better to spend your time optimizing other parts of your website, and not just obsess over a perfect performance score. Here’s a free checklist we created to help optimize your website to get better SEO rankings.

Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over Perfect Lighthouse Scores

We’ve already said many reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time obsessing over improving your mobile scores, including that mobile scores are notoriously low and hard to improve, and they don’t affect your SEO very much at all.

But one more thing we haven’t mentioned is that scores can vary widely from test to test. Go ahead and run multiple tests and you’ll see scores often vary by 10-20 points. This is because of a bunch of different factors including CPU throttling, browser extensions, geography and server location, and even your local network speeds. It makes sense to not put your full trust in the tool, but to use it as a jumping off point to see what your improvement opportunities are.

Why Use Lighthouse At All Then?

Even with its inconsistencies and reliability issues, Lighthouse is still a tool worth having in your toolbox. Once you know the quirks, you can usually work around them by averaging multiple tests. What’s more important than the score and metrics are the list of opportunities for improvement that Lighthouse gives you. Once you know to focus on these items, Lighthouse can be a very valuable resource for optimizing your website.

Still have questions?

The website world can be a little overwhelming. If you have questions, seek out resources to help you learn more. We’re more than happy to answer any questions and, if you already have a web design partner, they should be too! Give us a call or send us an email and let’s chat about your website.

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