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3 Ways To Get Paid To Sell Breast Milk Online| Dream Home Based Work

There are so many ways to make money online but there are also very unusual ways that you might not even be aware of. One of them is a strange but great opportunity to help others. It’s actually a way for stay at home moms to get paid to sell your breast milk online.

In this post you will learn why, where and how you can take part in this method of making money without you leaving home.

Is Selling Breast Milk Legal?

You may have questions as to whether selling breast milk, especially online, is legal and the answer to this is yes, it is legal to sell your breast milk. There are currently no laws that exist against selling breast milk so although it is not illegal it is considered unregulated.

You’re probably also questioning why would anyone want to do this? If you put it into perspective it really is no different to offering to sell your blood or eggs or donating sperm for those who really need it.

Reasons To Sell Breast Milk

There are many reasons why breast milk is sold and they can be as follows:

  • Some mothers are unable to breastfeed due to medical reasons or have very low lactation
  • A newborn baby may have difficulty latching on or be premature. The option to provide donated breast milk is just as good an alternative as it is known to fight viruses, bacteria and is full of essential nutrients for healthy growth
  • Parents who adopt may want to give their adoptive newborn breast milk because of the well-known growth and health benefits
  • Dads who raise newborns due to sudden partner desertion or the untimely passing of a partner

If you wish to help these kinds of parents you can choose to sell or even donate your breast milk to various organizations specially set up for cases like these.

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Where Can You Sell Breast Milk?

If you have a surplus supply of breast milk it only makes sense to let another baby benefit and a great reward is that you can receive a cash incentive.

There are numerous mom forums and Facebook groups that have online marketplaces that make requests for breast milk and you can choose to sell your breast milk locally to other mothers within the forum or other organizations outside of mom forums. Some of the most well-known places to sell breast milk online are:

This is an online marketplace for moms to buy or sell healthy surplus breast milk. It was created by two moms who had the desire to help other mothers find a safe way to always be able to supply their surplus milk to other mothers who needed and wanted to give their babies breast milk.

It is said to be one of the biggest global marketplaces for trading breast milk.

Only the Breast is a site that has created a community of moms that wish to buy, sell or donate breast milk.  It works by placing an ad on the site requesting or offering breast milk. It can be an ordinary or a featured ad, very similar to classified listings like CraigsList.

The site is age categorized so that the different stages of breast milk is clearly known to breast milk buyers. 

Also best practices such as careful screening and storing are followed to promote the safe use of donated breast milk. This helps build trust within the breastfeeding online mom community.

There are a number of milk banks that supply milk to hospitals especially for premature units nationwide. They have a strict screening process set up when buying breast milk

How Much Does Breast Milk Sell Online For?

From the sites listed above breast milk is sold by the ounce and it can range from between $1 to $2 or more an ounce. 

A woman can produce on average around 35oz milk within a 24 hour period but this can vary. With that basic calculation of 35 ounces at $2 you could possibly earn $2000 a month from selling your breast milk. 

If you already have breast milk frozen and set aside you could start selling online in bulk as soon as you place an ad.

Final Thoughts on Selling Breast Milk Online

If you don’t mind selling your surplus breast milk you can consider it as an option to make some extra money. It’s a good way to help parents give the best health and nutritional start to their babies.

Just make sure to use legitimate sites and forums and follow the screening, handling and storage rules carefully to make sure that only the healthiest breast milk is supplied.

If this post on how to get paid to sell your breast milk online piqued your interest, don’t forget to share it with others.

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Get Paid To Sell Your Breast Milk



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Internet Businesses Tips

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