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4 Easy Non-Phone Side Hustles You Can Do Online from Your Couch

If you’ve ever wondered side hustles you can do online from your couch well you’re in luck. Today, we’ll cover 4 of the easiest non-phone side hustle online jobs you can do without having to leave your comfy armchair.

If you are flexible and have some spare time, instead of watching your favorite TV shows why not make some extra money by signing up to one or more of these simple side hustles that don’t require you to be on the phone?

Side Hustle #1 – Get Paid to Review Books

Did you know that if you’re a lover of books that you can get paid to review them? This is a great side hustle that combines your love of reading with the reward of earning some cash for a book review. Here are just a few companies that are always looking for online book reviewers.

Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is always on the lookout for freelance book reviewers, so if you have a special interest in a certain field or have strong technical knowledge on a particular subject you can easily sign up to Kirkus by sending in your resume along with some of your writing samples to the contact email address provided, right here.

Online Book Club

Online Book Club is quite a popular book review site and has been around for quite a while. Their pay rates for book reviews start from $6 up to $60 depending on the type of book. As a book lover, this is a simple side gig to sign up to that gets you to review brand new authors and also earn you some quick cash. You can also earn Amazon gift cards if you enter their contests.

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Side Hustle #2 – Get Paid to Transcribe Audio Files

A great way to earn money as a non phone side hustle is by doing transcription. There are a number of transcription companies that have work at home transcription jobs for complete beginners. All you need to start is a computer or laptop, good internet connection, and a great headset with noise cancellation.

If you want more information about transcription I suggest you sign up for free to the Transcribe Anywhere mini course that goes into detail of all that is required to start a work at home transcription business.

Transcribe Me

This site offers flexible worldwide remote transcription jobs. They have some of the best rates and there are also opportunities to gain higher-paying projects as your experience grows. A steady stream of work is always available. You must have a good command of English, a computer and reliable internet to get started.


Another popular transcription company is Rev. They have openings for transcribers, captioners, and editors. You must have fast accurate typing and you will be tested on signing up. Payment is made via Paypal on a Monday for any work completed the week before.

If you already have experience, then you might want to sign up with some of the other transcription companies below. 

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This online transcription company regularly recruits experienced transcribers so if you have great listening skills, can type quickly, able to manage more complex audio and video files, and willing to take and pass a transcription test then you should be able to join the BabbleType team.


If you have transcription experience then signing up to Speakwrite is another great option for making money at home. If you have the time and have fast and accurate typing you can earn a full-time income with SpeakWrite.

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Side Hustle #3  – Get Paid to Participate in Paid Focus Groups



WatchLAB regularly post studies on their website requiring paid participants. You can follow them on their Facebook page to get notified of the latest research studies that you can take part in. You can potentially earn up to $150 for your opinion.

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Side Hustle #4 – Get Paid To Sleep


If lounging is your pastime and you want to catch up on some well-deserved beauty sleep, why not grab the chance to provide honest online reviews on the Sleep Junkie website? You can earn up to $3000 for giving a detailed review for catching some zzz’s on their mattresses. Just complete the online questionnaire to see if you get chosen to participate in their study.

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Final Thoughts on Non Phone Online Side Hustles

The great thing about these non phone side hustles is that you can do them without ever having to leave your couch and no degree or special skills are required. You can do any one of these side jobs as a complete beginner. Also, depending on your personal schedule you can choose to do them as a side hustle or full-time.

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3 Easy Non-Phone Side Hustles You Can Do Online from Your Couch

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Internet Businesses Tips

5 Easy Online Website Testing Jobs from Home in 2021

Are you looking for an ideal way to make extra money? You can start by signing up with legitimate companies that offer easy online website testing jobs as a side hustle this year.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online…

You can begin to earn at least $10 to $20 dollars just by sparing 20 minutes of time out of your day to share your user experience.

Before we get into which companies are always on the lookout for user testers let’s find out what exactly a website tester does.

Who is a Website Tester?

A website tester is a person who provides honest feedback whether verbal or written on how a website or mobile app works and functions. The tester expresses if the site or application is user-friendly, simple to understand, or has any issues and functional errors. Once the website tester has completed this task they get paid.

For instance, you may have seen or heard terms like UX, or UX design and wondered what it means. UX means User Experience, for short. By becoming a website tester you get paid to carry out the function of sharing your UX with the website or mobile application designer before it is fully released to the public.

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Website Testing Requirements

To get started you will need some basic equipment plus good communication skills. These are the must-have things you need to take part in user testing opportunities.

  • High-speed internet
  • A pc or laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • An external camera if not already built-in
  • Up to date software and be willing to have software added for testing purposes
  • Good verbal and written English

User Testing Companies

Here are 5 user testing companies that will pay you to test websites and mobile applications from the comfort of your home or anywhere for various clients, and even some well-known brands. For some of these online testing companies, you don’t even need any special skills for testing websites.


This company has worldwide openings for usability testing. Just register on the Enroll website with your email address and once that is done you will be contacted for any suitable upcoming tests. Payment is made via PayPal and you can use your phone, tablet or pc/laptop to take the test.


Although not as well known as some of the others, Analysia will pay user testers around $10 for each test taken. You can sign up to Analysia to start receiving email notifications of open usability testing programs that match your profile. Screen recording software may be added to your computer for you to be able to carry out the usability tests. Make sure to quickly respond to any testing notifications for early selection.

Testing Time

You can sign up with TestingTime to test websites and apps on various devices. They make sure to best match your profile before sending you an email invitation for a guided usability study where you can choose a suitable date and time to take the test. Payment will be made 10 days after you complete the test.


If you already have great tech skills then UTest is one of the best sites to sign up to. They pay anywhere from $50 up to $200 for in-depth testing of software. Just complete the online form on their website so that you can be matched up with the most suitable client.


This is a well-known usability testing company that will record your screen as you test websites and apps on their behalf. You can earn $10 per test and they only take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. UserFeel has great resources on their site with videos showing you what they expect from user testers when carrying out a test.

Final Thoughts on Online Website Testing Jobs

I hope you found the above list on easy online website testing jobs informative as it’s a great way to earn extra cash just by giving your opinion. Make sure to sign up to as many as you can to have a better chance of being selected as a website tester. The other advantage is the more user testing sites you sign up to the more you can earn on the side.

Why not share this post with others so they too can make some extra money in their spare time.

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5 Easy Online Website Testing Jobs from Home in 2021

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Internet Businesses Tips

Best 7 Work-from-Home Jobs for Retirees To Make Money Online

When it comes to being retired being able to live a comfortable life is my top priority. The reality for some retirees is that once you leave the workforce you still want to be active and be able to contribute to household expenses or just need to make some much-needed extra income.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online…

You realize that the family is all grown up and left home and you now have some extra time to consider a side hustle or a part-time job. This is where you can find options for work from home jobs for retirees.

According to a FlexJobs survey, around 70% approaching or in retirement continue to work to pay for basic necessities while 59% just enjoy working.

There are so many work from home options for retirees due to past experience, knowledge and skills and the advantage is you can choose to work as many or as few hours you wish and set your own flexible working hours.

So in between your downtime and your hobbies you can find some excellent ways to make money in retirement. Here’s a list of some of the best work at home jobs for retirees.

Best 7 Work from Home Jobs for Retirees


If you previously worked as an accountant or bookkeeper there is nothing stopping you from continuing this job from home. Many small to medium businesses require someone to reconcile their books, assist with payroll, and add account payable and receivable entries. 

There are a number of companies recruiting for remote full-time or part-time bookkeepers. You can find a selection of at home bookkeeping and accounting opportunities with companies like Bookminders,


A very lucrative service that you can provide as a retiree if you have senior-level experience is to provide an at home consultancy service. You can set your own hours with very favorable rates sharing your expertise and giving advice to small businesses, startups and companies. You could even offer your services to your previous employer.

Online Tutor

Are you a retired school teacher? There are quite a few online tutoring platforms that are looking for someone like you. VIPKid is always recruiting for qualified tutors to teach English to Chinese students online.

If you have considered teaching English as an option but do not have the experience you can still offer this service through Cambly. You can hold conversations with students around the world so that they can learn English. The rate of pay is lower than VIPKid but it is still a very viable option to make extra income.

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This is the perfect work at home job for a retiree if you have fast and accurate typing. No need for phone conversations just correspond through email and transcribe whatever audio or video you are sent.

With the explosion of vlogs and podcasts, transcription is always in demand and there are a number of companies that offer global transcription opportunities for experts and complete beginners.

Job opportunities are available through popular transcription sites like GoTranscript, Rev, TranscribeMe, Transcription Hub. A great way to start earning from home.


If you have an eagle eye and excellent grammar you could in your spare time be proofreading documents, ebooks, technical journals, and fictional novels. Companies like are always on the lookout for qualified people to join their team.

You could also help out within the legal profession by providing a proofreading service to court reporters. This is quite a lucrative way for retirees to make some extra cash and you can set your own hours.

Also check out: How To Find Online Proofreading Jobs: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Customer Service Representative

If you enjoy dealing with the public and a great communicator you can find a remote customer service rep position with a number of business owners. You can use membership sites like FlexJobs to see which flexible part-time or full-time jobs are available now.

Sell Items

You could sell items on Etsy the popular craft site. The great thing about this selling platform is that you can sell both physical or digital items. So if you have a hobby like sewing, crocheting, calligraphy you can create handmade items to sell. For the digital market, you can create your artwork and sell them as printables instead which is a lot easier as you only have to create them once.

Watch this! 8 Online Work from Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms & Dads

You can even sell items that you have collected over the years on sites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Retirement is the perfect time for downsizing, and getting rid of clutter and unused collectibles are some of the best ways to sell items you no longer use. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can make.

Final Thoughts on at home Jobs for Retirees

While many retirees may think that retirement is all about traveling and having the time to do whatever you want, the majority of seniors enjoy working with the flexibility to work as and when they want to.

Being able to do a work from home job is the best of both worlds as you can create a better work-life balance and still find time to do the things that you love. You can work in any industry such as insurance, health care, technology, education, and many others.

This list of work from home jobs for retirees should give you some great ideas on what you can do once you retire from working life. If you found this post useful why not share it with others who are also on the journey to retirement.

Best 7 Work from Home Jobs for Retirees pin


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