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75 Online Work from Home Jobs That You Can Do On Your Laptop

Are there any online work at home jobs that will allow you to use your laptop? Yes, indeed. Here's a list of 75 ways to make money online from anyhwere!

Is there any work at home jobs that allows you to use your laptop? Yes, indeed. Although most companies that offer home-based online jobs require you to have a desktop computer or PC, some have no restrictions and allow the use of a laptop as well.

Additional requirements for such jobs are usually a good internet connection and your time.

75 Online Laptop Work from Home Jobs

Here is a list of legitimate virtual jobs in customer service, writing, transcription, and more, that allow you to work from home with your laptop.

Phone Work

Call Center QA – ( Read full Call Center QA Review) –This company offers telephone mystery shopping jobs where you use your laptop to submit and receive shopping jobs.

Maritz Research – Get hired as a research interviewer and conduct surveys authorized by significant corporations from your laptop. As a home-based interviewer, you will be handling outbound calling but without the use of a landline.

Great Virtual Works ( Read full Great Virtual Works review) – This company is a virtual call center that hires independent contractors to work in their Sales and Customer Service department. These jobs are open to individuals looking for work from home jobs.

Uhaul – ( Read full Uhaul review )-  Get hired as a work at home reservations agent by Uhaul. This job involves handling different types of calls. They require that you work in a quiet place with no background noise.

Pierce Eilsen – This telephone mystery job involves gathering information on different apartment complexes to ensure that they are accurate and updated. A laptop and reliable internet needed.

Complete Data Entry/Transcriptions Jobs on Your Laptop

AccuTran Global – Offers transcription jobs that are home-based to residents of the United States. You will be doing transcription for interviews and financially related conference calls.

Allegis – Based in the United States, the company offers transcription services, among others, to home-based workers. The main clients of Allegis are insurance companies, which means the transcribing you do will involve conversations that have more than one person speaking.

Appenscribe – General transcription jobs from Appenscribe are open to everyone looking for a work from home position. The company does not need previous experience before hiring transcribers, making it ideal for newbies.

Dion Data Solutions – This is a data management bureau that hires home-based workers to do data entry work. To apply, you must be able to type fast, at least 60wpm, and be able to handle a variety of computer-related tasks.

Speechpad – (Read full Speechpad review) – If you are hired as a transcriber on Speechpad, you will be involved in converting speech to text for several insurance companies.

Transcribe Me – (Read full Transcribe Me review) – Transcription jobs offered by these company involves converting audio files recorded at business meetings, church sermons, and other speaking platforms. You can get jobs that take hours to complete and others that can be completed quickly. – (Read full REV review) –  This is a transcription company that offers work at home jobs in captioning, translating, and areas such as business, academics, and medical, among others. It is possible to earn a monthly income of up to $2,000 per month, captioning videos, TV shows, and movies.

Tiger Fish – Offers general transcription jobs to work at home transcribers with good pay. You do not need any previous experience to work for them, but you must complete a test before starting to transcribe.

Task Sites

Amazon Mturk -( Read full Amazon Mturk Review ) – Get paid to complete micro-tasks that vary depending on the projects available on the site. Some tasks include writing and data entry, among others, with the pay varying from one job to another.

Humanatic – When hired at Humanatic, you will review and sort phone calls that have been made by customers of a number of their clients.

Clickworker – A variety of tasks available to home-based workers to complete on their laptop as long as you have reliable internet. The jobs are open to people from all over the world.

Crowdsource – These tasks do not take a lot of time to complete. Jobs may include editing or writing.

Task Rabbit – (Read full Taskrabbit Review )– Get paid to run errands and complete tasks on the Task Rabbit site. The company acts as a go-between for you and the people that need tasks to be done for them either online or within the local area.

Tutor Students on Your Laptop

ASAP Tutor – Offers homework help to college students through qualified teachers. You’ll need to have a masters’ degree and enjoy teaching students as a profession.

Brainfuse – This is a tutoring company that offers its services to students from the third to twelfth grade every day of the week. When hired to tutor students, you do it from their homes using Live Help.

CheggRead more-Get paid to offer online tutoring services to students needing help in different subjects, especially math and science. You will have to download software from their site and have equipment such as a microphone and webcam.

iTutor Group – Earn money teaching English to students from different parts of the world, with the majority of them being from Asia. You will be teaching them conversational English that they need apart from their basic knowledge of the language.

Take Online Surveys from Your Laptop

Opinion Outpost – Read full Opinion Outpost review) – Taking surveys offered by this company earns you cash and other rewards. Opinion Outpost pays via PayPal.

Paid Viewpoint  – This company offers surveys that are brief and easy to do for online users interested in filling them out.  Paid Viewpoint pays via PayPal when your account reaches $15.

Pinecone Research – (Read full Pinecone Research review) –  Fill out surveys on different topics offered by this company and get paid $3 for each one of them. Similarly, they have a rewards system as well.

Survey Savvy – This company has a lot of surveys to be filled out and pays you by check or cash for completing them successfully. E-poll Surveys – On this site, members earn rewards by taking surveys online on different subject matters. In most cases, the survey questions are about TV shows, news stories, and movies, making them enjoyable to fill out.

Global Test Market – Get paid to test products and take online surveys.

iPoll Surveys – This is a survey panel that pays you for participating in their surveys and even for signing up. Payment is through PayPal after it reaches $50, or you can get an Amazon gift card instead.

Mindswarms ( Read full Mindswarms review ) – This company conducts its survey in a setting that resembles a focus group except that you remain in your current environment. You will need a webcam to answer the surveys and expect at least $50 for every survey completed. Webcam required.

Cash Crate – When you take online surveys, play games, watch videos, and more on the Cash crate site, they pay you for it.

VIP Voice – Earn points that allow you to win electronics, cash, and other prizes when you complete surveys on VIP Voice.

Click here for more paid survey companies.

Freelance Work

Elance –  Get paid by doing a variety of online jobs from the comfort of your home. Some of the freelance work offered on Upwork includes proofreading, writing, and editing, among others, at an agreed fee.

Fiverr – This company offers a variety of micro jobs from people all over the world, referred to as “gigs” for $5. – Get a chance to select work projects that cover a variety of industries and get paid for it. The site is easy to navigate making it possible to quickly find and do tasks for good pay.

Guru – This company offers a wide variety of jobs for freelancers that have been put up by individuals and companies.

People Per Hour – Send proposals for jobs that interest you on the site or create “hourlies” informing users of projects you can handle. Jobs are mostly for the United States and UK residents, although open to all.

99 Designs  – This design company offers you a chance to participate in contests that allow you to come up with designs for clients.

Website Testing

Analysia – Test out websites and report feedback using a laptop, webcam, and microphone on your computer. Most companies will provide instructions to follow during the actual testing for better results. Pay is $10 per test.

TryMyUI – Visit websites and record your interactions as well as thoughts to provide feedback to website designers. The sites might be new or already in existence for a while. Pay is $10 per test.

Userlytics – (Read Userlytics review) – Navigate through websites while speaking out your thoughts on its layout and other components. You will need a webcam and microphone to allow webmasters to see expressions and hear your thoughts on a site simultaneously. Pay is $10 per test.

User Testing – ( Read UserTesting Review) – Test websites using an online-based screen recorder that is provided by the company offering the job. The recorder picks up your clicks and mouse movements when going through a site. You will also need a microphone and a working computer for the job. Pay is $10 per test.

UzerZoom – Earn money by providing reactions to various websites when you navigate through them while performing tests. You will need reliable internet, webcam and microphone to do the job. Pay is $12 per test.

Whatusersdo – This company is a UK based company that pays you to test out different websites. Pay is $8 per test.

Click here for more website testing opportunities.

Writing Jobs

Blogmutt – This company is looking for freelance writers with strong grammar and research skills.

Dot Dash – Offers experienced writers a chance to submit articles to their site for publishing. Also, you should be an expert in your area of interest and be able to convey information in a compelling and friendly way.

Constant Content – Writers submit their work to the site for selection, and if picked, you get paid for it. Payment for content varies depending on the agreed-upon rate. – Write on topics related to the publishing or writing industry to attract writers to purchase other articles done by you. –  Freelance writers can get paid for their articles, blog posts, reviews, press releases, and social media posts, among others. This company hires freelancers in the U.S and U.K, with payment of writing projects varying on the site. – Get paid to blog on different topic categories like entertainment, health, and money, among others. The content should be at least 300 words in length and will attract a payment of $4 for every blog post created.

Other Writing Jobs…

Internet Brands – Offers article writing jobs for freelance writers and requires a sample article to accompany your application. They have a specific format that writers must follow for articles to be accepted. Payment is on time from $10 or more.

London brokers – This is a publishing company that hires writers to create content for their clients for online use. Subject topics accepted by the company include parenting, business, travel, pets, music, and nutrition, among others. Payment for content submitted to the site varies.

Infobarrel – Writers on the site can submit content on whichever topic they desire and get paid for it. The company operates on a revenue-sharing model.

LiveStrong – This company hires freelance writers that have experience in writing articles related to nutrition, fitness, and health. They hire from different parts of the U.S and pay well for articles submitted to the site.

Textbroker – Gives a chance to beginner writers to test out their skills because they do not ask for previous experience. Editors provide reviews to writers to help them improve their skills over time. The payment is every week.

Text Master –  freelance writers that set up accounts on the site get paid for services such as copywriting, web content creation, and article writing, among others. The working hours are flexible, and payment varies based on your experience. – Freelance writers access writing projects on crowdsourcing platforms through this site.

Writers access – This company provides a rating system that they use to determine the amount earned by a writer on the site. Payment is between 1.4 cents and $1.40 for every word. – Write keyword-specific articles that will be given a star rating when completed to determine pay. Payment is from $15 to $38 every month through PayPal when the account has a minimum of $100. Also, you can earn bonuses.

Virtual Assistant

Assistant Match – The US-based company is a staffing agency for virtual assistants that provides jobs to interested individuals. You do not need to have previous experience working for then. Plus, the only equipment you need is reliable internet, home phone, working computer, and a printer.

Fancy Hands -( Read full Fancy Hands Review) – This company hires virtual assistants that are home-based but can work from any other location as well. Also, you do not need a phone line to do this job, which makes it quite flexible. Plus, payment is based on the complexity of the task and can range from $1 up to $5 for each completed task.

Time Etc. – Hires virtual assistants to work for entrepreneurs as well as business owners from home regularly. They hire assistants from the US and also the UK for a payment of $11 to $16 per hour though PayPal.

Virtual Gal Friday – Read full Virtual Gal Friday review) – Get paid to offer virtual assistance to office managers as well as subordinates in different companies. It involves the offering of different services at an agreed fee. Furthermore, payment varies from one client to another.

EAHelp – This company is US based and only hires residents of the country as independent contractors. It offers jobs to virtual assistants from all parts of the nation to provide services to their clients, part-time or full time.

Click here for more Virtual Assistant jobs.

Work at Home Jobs that will allow MAC computers:

Arise – This company provides customer and sales support to businesses in various industries. You will be handling customer service inquires on behalf of clients that have contracted Arise for such jobs. Finally, payment is varied and depends on the project.

Carithers Flowers – Work as representative in sales and services for this flower company. You will be responsible for answering service questions in a friendly manner. The hourly rate is between $12 and $15 for every hour worked. But commissions are also available.

Home Shopping Network – Becomes a sales representative at HSN if you live in the United States. But they usually hire in St. Petersburg, FL, Nashville, TN, and Roanoke VA, which is near their training facility. Payment is from $10 to $11 per hour.

3 Play Media – This company offers jobs in captioning as well as a transcription for those looking for work at home opportunities. You must be a US resident. Also, you can only apply if you have a college degree. The working schedule is flexible and pays hourly between $10 and $25.

Neiman Marcus  – Get hired as a work from home customer service agent in the areas of Dallas, Texas. Also, the hourly rates start at$11 to $16.

Voice Log – This company hires independent contractors to work from home as customer service agents.


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Internet Businesses Tips

Top 9 Fortune 500 Companies with Remote Work from Home Jobs

One very assuring way to start working from home is to work for a well-known Fortune 500 company. A great place to start is to check out Fortune 500 companies with remote work from home jobs.

As working from home becomes a more popular option to earn money and employers find flexible ways for operations to be done by employees, you might not be aware that there are many multinational companies that actually offer remote work from home jobs globally.

If you already have a corporate background you might want to consider this type of work from home option as you will fit quickly and easily into the culture of these companies with the only difference being that you’ll be doing the work from the comfort of your home. 

Some of these Fortune 500 companies even provide equipment such as a laptop for you to work on and can even go as far as paying for your internet service provider which I myself have personally experienced. So it can be a good way to save on a utility.

A key thing to do when searching for jobs with these large company websites is to always use keywords like remote, virtual, telecommute, to find remote work from home jobs.

So if you have been looking for a work from home opportunity that also offers benefits such as health insurance, and paid time off then let me share the top Fortune 500 companies that you can sign up with to start working remotely from home.

What Fortune 500 Companies Allow You To Work from Home?

RELATED: Top 100 Remote Work at Home Companies with Online Jobs in 2020


No matter where you are located in the world you probably heard of and used Amazon. They have a number of virtual jobs around the world providing customer service jobs, tech jobs and many others within the various Amazon divisions. 

United Healthcare

If you have nursing and/or call center experience you can find work at home jobs with United Healthcare in areas such as sales and marketing, claims, wellness and customer service. If you can handle numerous calls to assess insurance queries you can provide remote support to United Healthcare in various US States.


As one of the world’s top technology companies, Apple has a range of remote jobs and if you  love gadgets and technology you could become an Apple at Home Advisor. One of the perks of the job is that Apple provides the tech equipment so you will be answering queries on an iMac with headset. They also offer other benefits like paid time off,  Apple product discounts, paid training and room for career growth. 

American Express

This popular credit card company offers work at home opportunities throughout the year providing a reliable financial service across world time zones. Remote jobs are available globally and cover departments such as Operations and Relationship Management. American Express also recruits for even more remote staff during high seasonal months to handle and provide great customer service. 


Oracle, another of the world’s top tech companies provides cloud and software services to companies all over the world. Remote opportunities are available if you have excellent IT skills within AI, Cloud and sales and marketing. Remote work from home job opportunities are available worldwide.


Humana is a leading healthcare provider of products and services and employs around 50,000 people nationwide. They offer full-time and part-time remote work at home jobs with benefits in a number of States. So if you have administration, nursing and pharmacy experience you can use those skills to start earning remotely.


Anthem is another Fortune 500 health insurance company that offers a range of remote work opportunities and has more remote jobs than normal due to the current health crisis. Open remote work from home positions are available for Outreach Care Specialists, Legal Specialists, Customer Service Representatives and many other virtual positions.


Norvatis a top pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland has global offices and offers remote medical and healthcare jobs around the world. They have remote vacancies for Customer Experience Managers, Primary Care Specialists and many other specialist remote positions within different medical fields.

Wells Fargo

A well-known financial institution, Wells Fargo not only has traditional banking and insurance job roles but offers flexible and remote positions too and is ranked as one of the world’s most admired banks. Remote work at home positions can range from mortgage lending, underwriting, to security software engineer and these remote jobs can be found at multiple locations.

Final Thoughts of Fortune 500 Remote Jobs

If you are thinking about working with one of the Fortune 500 companies that offer remote work from home jobs you have the reassurance that they are legitimate, that the job may offer great benefits, and that you will be able to earn a decent income. Why not share this post with others who are looking for remote work at home jobs?

A great place to start is to check out Fortune 500 companies with remote work from home jobs. They are all legitimate sites. Apply now!

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Internet Businesses Tips

5 Web Search Evaluator Jobs That Pay $12-$15 Per Hour

Are you very good at browsing the Internet? Have you ever considered working as a home-based web search evaluator? If so, this is a great way to put a little extra money in your pocket.

What is a Web Search Evaluator?

So, I know many are wondering, what is a web search evaluator? The role of a web search evaluator is to ensure that search engines are always updated. For instance, if someone decides to search for a particular keyword or phrase, your job is to make sure the web page results remain accurate.

Working as a web search evaluator is one of the best paying part-time jobs you can do from home. You would typically need a computer with high-speed Internet and excellent web search skills. Please keep in mind that it is best to have a noise-free environment to be effective at this job, in case you have small kids or pets.

Below is a list of 5 companies that hire web search evaluators to work from home.

EXTRA CASH! 11 Fun Ways To Get Paid Online for Searching The Web

Who Hires Web Search Evaluators?

1. Appen Butler HillRead review – Appen Butler Hill is a global company that hires search engine evaluators to work from home. It has been around for over 10 years and only provides jobs to natives residing in the U.S. with at least 2 years of college studies. You must be good at searching the web and commit to working a minimum of 20 hours per week. The starting pay is $15 an hour.

2. LionBridge – Read Review –  Lionbridge has a variety of home based jobs that are done online. You will need to be very good at searching the web to be an ideal candidate for a position in this company. Even so, there are also some technical requirements for the job which are specified on their site. The schedule is quite flexible, but you have to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. The pay is $14 per hour. Read Review>>

3. Ask Wonder – Read review – If you like researching and answering questions, you can apply to be an analyst with Wonder and work from home. You can expect their pay to be around $1000 per month.

4. iSoftStone – Read Review –  ISoftstone hires web search evaluators that have no prior experience to work from home. The position is part-time and allows you to work from anywhere for at least 10-25 hours per week. Training is provided.

5. 10 EQS  –  The company hires independent contractors as Experts to research and answer questions in their areas of expertise. The pay varies.

Looking for more scam-free work at home jobs? I recommend FlexJobs, where you will find trusted job leads that are handpicked and carefully screened. Guaranteed!

I hope this post will give hope to those looking for a non-phone job with great pay. Consider all of these jobs as a good way to earn a side income, since the work is mostly part-time. If you have any prior experience with any of these companies, feel free to share your thoughts in my comment section below. Thanks!


Get Paid $15/hr To Do Research Online: Become A Google Expert!

Become A Research Assistant and Earn Up To $2,000 Monthly

Court Researcher Jobs: 8 Companies That Actually Pay in 2020

Get Paid To Take Phone Surveys from Home as a Research Interviewer


Are you very good at browsing the Google? Have you ever considered working as a home based web search evaluator? If so, these online jobs pay $12-$15 per hour to work from home.


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