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8 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Hey, are you a stay at home mom or dad, or perhaps a homeschooling mom or dad looking to make some extra money from home? Then you will want to make sure you stay tuned into this video. I will share several opportunities if you want to make, whether it’s a part-time, full time, or possibly a side income from home, so stay tuned.

Now, if you are completely new, one of the first things that you would want to do is make sure you subscribe to this channel. I share so many work from home jobs, different job alerts that are actively hiring right now, and also extra cash ideas. So make sure you hit that subscribe button, and also that notification bell so you don’t miss out on any new opportunities.

So in today’s video, I want to jump right into the best remote jobs that are available for stay at home moms or dads, so let’s get started.



One of the first things that a stay at home mom or dad can jump into is blogging. I have been blogging for about seven years now, and it has been a challenge. I mean, blogging is very lucrative if you stick to it. I’ve had many people that I mentor that try to start a blog, and they may post one month and then they take off two months. So I have to say, if you want to be very profitable with blogging, you have to treat it like a business. And so if you have the ability to write, and you don’t have to be a great writer, and also you love, and it’s comfortable being on social media, that it is very much possible to make a full-time income blogging.

I have a free training for those that would love to start a blog. I’ll link below so you guys can learn more about my personal journey, and then I’ll share how you can brainstorm some different blog topics if you’re struggling in that feel, and you’re just not sure what you want to blog about. And then I also walk you step by step with how to start your blogs. I’ll make sure I leave that resource below. Go here to setup  your blog today!

Social Media Moderator

Now if you’re a person that really doesn’t want to get into blogging, but you love social media, I do highly recommend that you dive into being a social media manager, which means that you basically manage other people’s social media accounts. There are many people, companies, and brands that need someone to help them with the marketing. And so you will simply manage their social media pages, you will manage the comments to make sure no one is spamming, and then also you will basically write out content on their social media platform, whether it’s their Instagram account, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

Skills Needed

Some skills that are highly recommended when it comes down to being a great social media manager is of course you must be comfortable with daily use of social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Also, you must be able to read and write the English grammar. And then also you must be organized and you must know how to multitask. A few sites that you can look into for social media jobs is 99 Dollar Social, right now they are looking for an Instagram writer, as well as a part-time writer. They will provide training, and all they require is for you to have an up-to-date computer, as well as you must be able to submit content on a weekly basis.

Another platform that hires worldwide is ModSquad. ModSquad has been out for many, many years, and they have so many different social media jobs that you can be able to apply for, so I highly recommend checking out these sites. Now if you feel a social media manager is not a great fit for you, I highly recommend becoming a virtual assistant if you have a really good administrative background. Even if you don’t have experience as a virtual assistant, if you have great organizational skills, you can be able to apply for companies, life Fancy Hands pay $3 to $7 per task, they don’t require any experience at all, and you can be able to work on your own schedule. Another website that is great for finding virtual assistant jobs is HiByron. Now this is a fairly new website where you can work whenever you want. You can select your own projects, and then you get paid very quickly, every two weeks via PayPal.

Audio Book Narrator

Another opportunity for stay at home moms and dads is to become an audio book narrator or a voice over actor. You will need a nice speaking voice, laptop or PC to manage your work, and a pair of headphones and a recording software like Audacity. This job just requires you to basically read a book in a recording booth, or you can just use your home closet. You can set up your equipment in there, and you can use that as your recording studio. The average salary for a voice over actor is around $40,000 per year, because a lot of these sites and these companies, they will pay you around $20 per hour to narrate books.

A few sites that you can check out, Amazon Audio Book Creative Exchange, they will simply connect narrators to books so you can be able to narrate those books. And then also they have additional opportunities where you can find agents, and possibly really branch out there and be able to earn money from your talent. Also, is also another online marketplace that has thousands of voice over jobs that you can be able to check out if you’re interested in diving into this field.

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Online Tutor

The next opportunity for stay-at-home moms and dads is to become an online tutor. Now, if you’re homeschooling, you’re already at home teaching your kids, so you can be able to earn additional money teaching other kids, other college students, and adults, depending on your skills and experience. Now, if you don’t have prior teaching experience, I highly recommend checking out a website called Cambly. They pay around $10 per hour. They don’t require any type of teaching degree, you don’t have to have any prior teaching experience, and you will basically video chat with students online and earn money on your own schedule. Another platform is Chegg. If you have more experience helping people with their homework, and is real knowledgeable in different school subjects, you can be able to earn around $1000 per month teaching on Chegg.

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Content Writer

If teaching is not your thing, then I highly recommend diving into maybe a content writer. You can simply write about a variety of topics like, food, health, pets, and so much more. Now some skills that you will need to have is of course you must be great at writing. You must love to write, you must be organized and self motivated. A lot of times you won’t have a boss telling you, “Hey, you have this deadline,” but you need to be motivated enough to be able to write this content, and also be able to read and understand the English grammar.A few resources that I highly recommend you check out,, they are always looking for contributors to write on a variety of topics. Also, another popular job board is ProBlogger. It was started by Darren Rowse back in 2004, and he has did a great job of being able to provide an amazing blog and a resource for those that are searching for writing jobs, as well as any type of blogging jobs and just learn more about blogging.

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Side Hustle Ideas

I also want to make sure I share some side hustle ideas for those that want to earn some additional income.

Become A Proofreader

One great side hustle is you can be able to proofread articles full-time or part-time. A site called the is always looking for new proofreaders to join. They don’t require you to have prior proofreading experience, but you can be able to take on the projects, earn anywhere from $19 to $46 per hour working on your own schedule. So I highly recommend that site.

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Sell Your Arts and Crafts

Another side hustle that is great for stay at home moms and dads is you can sell your arts and crafts. I highly recommend, if you’re very talented in making homemade handmade jewelry, holiday wreaths, all types of coffee mugs, t-shirts, clothing, nail art, all types of different designs, I highly recommend Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace where you can be able to sign up and sell your product. That is a site that I go to if I want something custom, so I do highly recommend you checking out that site and hey, what do you know? If you go on that site and you start marketing your profile, you may be able to turn that into a possible full-time business.

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Sell Your Printables

Now, if you are a homeschooling mom or dad, and you like to make printables, different resources and activities for students, then I highly recommend that you sell your printables online. A platform called will allow you to go on and sell your printables to other teachers and other homeschooling moms that may be looking for some resources for their students.

Final Words for Stay at Home Moms

I hope you guys enjoy all of the opportunities that I shared for stay-at-home moms and dads. Now, if you are really serious about landing a work from home job, I highly recommend that you sign up for my free newsletter. I send out weekly job alerts a few times per week, so you don’t have to worry about me spamming you with too many emails, but you can be able to sign up, get free job alerts, and just find out about the latest work at home news. Make sure you share it with your family and friends, and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up. I appreciate you guys for watching, take care.

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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Internet Businesses Tips

Want a new website before 2022?

Most of us start the year with goals: those things we hope to accomplish between each year’s New Years’ party. For some, it’s a company mandate. For others, it’s self-driven. No matter the root of your goals, the 2021 calendar indicates that we’re halfway to the end-of-year deadline. 

I’ve heard from several folks who said they want a new website before the end of the year. One of them said, “Yeah – I’ll start looking into it in the fall.” While his intentions were good, his timeline was anything but.

Understanding how long it takes to complete a project is vital to setting deadlines for your goals. Over the years, I’ve often had conversations with executives who believe a professional, high-quality new website can be created in three or four weeks. While that may be true in some situations, my experience of watching and being a part of hundreds of website builds tells me it is a misguided assumption. 

There are several key things to consider when sketching out your new website timeline:

First – what is the caliber of website you are expecting?

Do you want it to be a strategic marketing vehicle that generates new business leads and reassures prospective customers? Strategy takes time to develop if it is based on data. Pouring over analytics reports, potential keywords to employ, and user data is not an overnight task.  Do you desire quality content? Great copywriters can work quickly – but if they don’t have time to properly research your brand and your industry, the words on the page may not motivate customers to buy from you. 

Great websites are built using a proven process. In fact, the process Engenius uses has undergone a decade of refinement and now has over one hundred fifty steps to ensure that every website produced achieves a minimum level of quality. High-quality websites that achieve revenue-based results are not built in a day. (Interested in learning more? Start the conversation.)

Second – how much preparation have you given to the process?

Have you considered a list of competitor websites that appear to be successful? Have you taken time to understand your own brand enough to articulate it well to a marketing firm? Have you documented your sales process and how you hope to receive leads from your new website? 

It is not vital to do all of these things before talking to a web design firm; in fact, they may be able to help you answer these questions. It is important, however, to realize that answering these questions takes time.

Third – how much time and what level of priority can you devote to your new website?

If you are thinking you can hand a pile of paper to your website company and walk away, you are mistaken. In our modern world, your website is the hub of your entire marketing strategy. Devoting time to the scheduled review checkpoints with your website team will ultimately determine the success of the project. 

Only you work in your business day-in and day-out, meeting with customers, understanding the needs of those you work with. Your website team should be experts in developing great websites – but you cannot expect them to know every nuance of your company, your brand, and your approach to sales and marketing. Put succinctly: you must make time to be available to your website team throughout the process.

Determining how much time you have to devote to the website build process is vital for setting your own expectations. If you are going to let weeks elapse between giving content, reviewing, giving feedback, and approval to your website team, then expect the project to last a while. If you have the flexibility to review and give approval within two days, expect the project to move along at a more normal pace.

My experience tells me that a great modern website takes about three months to build, from the day the contract is signed to the day it launches – IF everything is optimal, the client doesn’t take a vacation in the middle of the project, and the client responds within two business days to all requests. However, because many clients have multiple priorities to juggle and the new website is merely one of them, most great website projects take between four and five months to realistically get from contract to launch.

Is a new website a goal you set for 2021?

If launching before the ball drops on New Year’s is a priority, now is the time to get your ducks in a row and begin the process. Waiting until fall to even start talking about it will only lead to one of two things: sacrificing quality or missing your deadline. 

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Internet Businesses Tips

How To Make Money Writing and Selling Your EBooks Online

Today, the popularity of eBooks has opened up opportunities to both writers and non-writers. You can make money writing and selling your ebooks online as a freelance writer or by hiring a ghostwriter to do it for you.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online…

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced wordsmith or a newbie writer, you can make money writing fiction or non-fiction ebooks. Still curious on how you can make money writing ebooks? This article will fill you in with all the details so read on.

How To Start Writing eBooks

1. Choose a Topic 

The first step to making money writing and selling ebooks is to find a topic you want to write about. If you have a blog, you can write an ebook on the topic of your blog. If not, you can write on any topic once you can provide valuable content.

Have you already written articles and blog posts for others on a niche topic? Then you’re already in the perfect position to write ebooks on that topic for you to sell to potential customers. 

Have a think about what subjects you enjoy writing about. Once you’ve chosen your topic, what’s next!

2. Write Your eBook

Now that you know what topic you wish to focus on, start writing a helpful ebook that you know will solve a problem for your readers, something they will need, want and love. 

You can easily do this in Microsoft Word and Google Docs in the first instance before converting and making your ebook compatible with a number of online ebook platforms. Go here for a tutorial.

3. Design Your eBook

The next step is to make sure that your eBook stands out from the crowd by designing a great cover with a professional and attractive look. 

You can do this yourself using an application like Canva which has great templates that can be easily updated, or you can choose to pay someone to design your ebook for you. 

Fiverr is a great place to find a graphic designer if you don’t have the design experience. With a stunning cover design, your ebook can grab the attention of your ideal target readers.

4. Upload Your EBook

Once you are happy with the content and design of your ebook you can upload or publish your book online. There are several places where you can upload your ebook and they are as follows:

You can upload your ebook to your very own blog or site. You can add payment buttons by selling your digital products through a third party provider like Gumroad, Sendowl, Easy Digital Downloads, Shopify Lite, Payhip, or Woocommerce and quickly collect your payments through PayPal, Stripe and other payment gateways.

Amazon has a worldwide audience, so uploading your book to their site can attract a huge number of buyers. You can upload the Amazon link of your ebook to your own blog or site and it’s both FREE and easy to get started!

  • iBooks is another which is a part of the Apple ebook platform similar to Kindle publishing.
  • You can self-publish your ebooks via Smashwords another reputable platform. Smashwords allows you to distribute your e-books to the Apple iBookstore, the Sony Reader Store, Kobo, and more distributors.
  • works in a similar way to Smashwords and allows you to sell your ebook on the Blurb bookstore and connect to other online stores such as Amazon, iBooksstore. 

4. Promote Your eBook

Once you have done steps one through three how are you going to promote your book to get those sales? 

Writing an attention grabbing description of your ebook with useful keywords will help to sell it quicker. You can use any of the social media platforms to promote and market your ebook such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and, of course if you already have a blog or site you can definitely promote it there too. 

You can use additional incentives such as coupon codes for introductory price reductions that can be redeemed at checkout.

You can also use other promoting strategies such as offering a giveaway, writing guest posts on other bloggers sites promoting your ebook, taking part in podcast interviews and even doing paid ads.

Another great method to promote your ebook is to share testimonials. You can get a small number of beta testers to review your ebook, use their positive reviews and share it on your blog or site and all relevant social media platforms.

Now that you’ve done the planning, creation and promoting, it’s time to sell your books. Continue reading to find out the best places to sell your ebooks,

Where Should I Sell My EBook?

Once you have published your ebooks online the aim is to earn money each time a copy is sold. Here are the best places to sell your ebook online:

1. Your Blog

As mentioned before, you can sell your ebooks directly on your own blog, keeping the majority of the profits. Keep in mind that the more traffic you generate on your blog the more money you can earn from the sale of your ebook. 

If you want the best results when selling on your blog make sure to write about the topics you blog about in a friendly and informative tone. That way, you will have an audience that is interested in your niche. The more readers that go to your blog will increase your chances of selling more ebooks.

Again, continue to promote your blog and ebooks through article marketing, social media networks, writing guest posts, and the many other methods.

2. Affiliate Programs

If you have been receiving a positive number of monthly sales and a lot of inquiries, you can set up an affiliate program for interested bloggers, writers, or anyone that wants to promote your ebooks. 

This is an excellent way for others to promote your ebook to a new audience and for you to make more money, gain new followers and help others promoting your ebook to earn money as well.

So how does it work? Your affiliate partners will do all the marketing of your books online via their own blogs, sites, social networks, or other channels and you will pay them an agreed amount of money for each sale brought about by their marketing effort. 

I recommend using SendOwl. With this platform you can provide each person with a unique affiliate link that they will share with their followers. This is one of the easiest ways to sell your ebooks online.

3. Online Platforms

There are a variety of other places on the internet where you can publish and sell your ebooks to make money every month. Here are a few more online platforms you can use to sell your ebooks to your targeted audience: 

4. Amazon

If you want to sell your books online, Amazon is the best place to get the exposure your online book needs to get sold. You can list your ebooks on Amazon paying a fixed amount as service fees. When a copy of your ebook is sold, you earn 70% of the sale. Amazon is a great selling platform that allows you to reach a much larger audience.

5. Kindle Store

With the Amazon Kindle store, you can publish ebooks on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to make money online. Publishing on the Amazon Kindle store is a lucrative way to earn money from your ebook. The Kindle app can be used on almost any device such as iPads, smartphones with the advantage of reaching a global audience.

6. Google Play Books

Beside downloading apps on Google Play, a great place that you may not have thought of is Google Play Books. You will earn a 70% split on any ebook sold. It’s very simple to sign up to.

7. eBay

Although it’s not the first place you would think of, you can list your ebooks on eBay and sell them online. You pay a cut of the sale price for each transaction to eBay.

Tips on Making Money Selling eBooks

  • Content: The key to making money by writing and selling ebooks online is to write well-researched and informative content that provides a solution to a common problem people may have.
  • Non-Fiction: If you are writing non-fiction, make sure you write valuable, in-depth content that your readers will find helpful as there may be similar ebooks on that topic online already.
  • Cover: Have a great cover design that looks eye-catching and grabs the readers’ attention.
  • Reviews: If you are selling through Amazon, encourage buyers to leave an honest review. Getting reviews will help your ebook rank higher in search results on Google and other search engines so more prospective buyers can find and buy it.

Final Thoughts on Writing eBooks to Sell

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by the information to write and sell ebooks. Why not start writing a useful digital book? The positives of this profitable online business is that all age groups; teens, stay at home moms, and retirees are able to create, design and publish online books. 

To be successful as an ebook writer and seller, you must write great content on a desirable topic, have a well-designed cover, promote it on social media once it is published, and sell it via the various online platforms. Now is the time for you to enter this lucrative business and share this idea with others!

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