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Top 7 Work from Home Alternatives

Top 7 Alternatives To Envelope Stuffing Jobs from HomeAre you wondering if envelope stuffing jobs are actually real?

If you’re looking for a legitimate and reliable work from home job, one that shouldn’t be at the top of that list is stuffing envelopes. Stuffing envelope jobs promise to pay you well for working from home with little to no effort but it’s just not true.

Right off the bat, most companies tend to ask you for money upfront which is a huge red flag. Don’t do it! Avoid stress and look elsewhere for alternatives to envelope stuffing jobs from home. 

That said, there are many other legitimate work from home job options to consider whether you want to work part or full time. Here are our top 7 alternatives to envelope stuffing jobs from home. 

Top 7 Alternatives To Envelope Stuffing Jobs from Home

1. Virtual Assistant

One place to start looking for work is in the virtual assistant field with Zirtual. Currently, Zirtual is only taking US-based applicants at this time. You’ll be in charge of completing tasks assigned by the client. As the work begins to come in and get completed you’ll get used to the client’s needs and preferences.

Virtual assistants with Zirtual are expected to be under contract for a year minimum. Assistants must be available between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. If the client or the account supervisor, who is there to help you, reach out for questions you are expected to get back to them within the two-hour response window. In my opinion, this is one of the best alternatives to envelope stuffing jobs.

2. Transcriptionist

Transcribe auto to text with companies like Rev and Casting Words. You’ll get a steady flow of work from hundreds of different clients. Payments can be set up to hit your PayPal account weekly. Transcriptionist work is flexible and you can choose how much you work and when you work.

The average pay with Rev is between ($0.35-$0.65). It could either be audio or video, just take a quiz so they can get a feel of your English and grammar skills. You can also transcribe with Quicktate. They work with memos, letters, conference calls, and more. 

3. Customer Service

There is always the option to become a customer service agent as an alternative to envelope stuffing jobs from home. Be sure to have a quiet space in your home so you won’t have distractions while on the phone. Typically you’ll need a landline phone to be able to take the calls for work.

Smartcrowd has been offering flexible work from home opportunities for over 20 years. They work with hundreds of global market leaders including Caterpillar, Cannon, and Rolls Royce. 

4. Website Testing

The option to become a Website Tester is also a great alternative to envelope stuffing jobs. People come up with new business ideas everyday. One of the first things they might be looking to go start a website. There are actually tons of websites that need to be checked out and people will actually pay you to do that. This has come a long way and you can actually earn up to $60 per test by joining a company like User Testing.

They normally just ask you do complete a few different tasks on the site and share your opinion about it out loud. Your computer picks up the audio and that’s what goes to the click along with some visual. The money normally breaks down to about $10 by PayPal for every 20-minute video you finish. 

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Appen is a company that pays people to be Search Engine Evaluators. They focus on search engine results and measure how relevant and how much of a quality these results are. To register for the position through the site just simply enter the country you live in and complete the registration form.

Not all Appen jobs are available in every country, but they are always updating and adding new tasks to their site. Lionbridge will hire for search engine evaluators and typically need people who are bilingual. The positions are typically part-time around 20 hours a week. 

6. Online Chat Agent

Another envelope stuffing work from home option is an Online Chat Agent. Online chat is something that business with an online presence choose to let customers use to get ahold of them. It’s nice to have another option then just phone and email. The Chat Shop pays around $10 per hour.

To be considered for the position applicants have to complete a phone interview and complete an assessment test. They may also check your references so be sure to put someone down that knows your work ethic. Chat agents must be able to type at least 80 wpm and work 35-40 hours per week. 

7. Short Tasks

Don’t forget about short task sites and gigs. You can’t get rich doing this work but it’s legit making it more promising than stuffing envelopes scams. Take your talents to TaskHuman and offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions straight from your cell phone.. 

Inbox Dollars connects brands to consumers and they reward you with cash. Since 2000 they have paid out nearly 60 million to their users. Swagbucks is full of small tasks to complete for cash doing surveys, watch videos, shop, and play games. Also for every person, you refer to Swagbucks you are rewarded with 300 Swagbucks and 10% of their lifetime earnings. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a ton of alternatives to envelope stuffing jobs. With these options, you’ll be able to work from the comfort of your own home and make more money. Outside of some affordable equipment and good internet speed you won’t need to spend anything to get started with these jobs. No need to worry about start-up fees or buying any special kits.

That’s one of the worst things about the envelope stuffing jobs is they try and scam you and have you put money in a business you won’t have a good return on. Consider getting started with one of these options mentioned above and enjoy earning money for your honest work.



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6 Ways To Sell Your Hair Online for Extra Money

How would you like to make some extra cash? One way that you might not have thought of is to sell your hair online. There are many ways that you can sell your hair and some ways can be for a good cause.

So if you’re planning on having a new hairstyle or getting a haircut why not make some money at the same time. There are a number of legitimate online sites that will help you sell your hair and give you cash in exchange.

There is quite a demand for real hair as hairdressers use it to make wigs, extensions and other products.

I have your attention on how you can make some quick side money so let me share with you the ways to sell your hair online.

Why Do People Buy Real Hair?

There are many reasons why people buy real hair and some of reasons are as follows:

  • Being able to apply extensions, weaves and wigs to create different looks
  • Providing a protective styling method while growing their own hair.
  • To prevent damage to their own hair while using colored dyes, bleaches and heated hairstyle treatments
  • A way to still have gorgeous hairstyles using wigs while going through cancer treatment

Now that you know what some of the reasons are for people buying hair you can take this as an opportunity to sell your hair, especially if you have lovely thick quality hair. It should not be seen as something strange, why? Because your hair will grow back.

This could be a chance for you to sell your hair, donate the proceeds to charity and at the same time have your hair made into a wig for people suffering from extreme hair loss or adult and children cancer patients.

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How To Sell Your Hair Online?

There are quite a few specialized hair selling sites that you can sign up to and you can even use a hair price calculator to find out how much your hair is worth.

The criteria for calculating your hair price is length, thickness, color, and hair condition otherwise known as virgin (never been heat or chemically treated), or non-virgin hair.

As hair takes a while to grow the financial benefit for cutting your hair is quite lucrative. Also, the longer and healthier your hair the more money you can make.

You now have a rough idea of what your hair is worth, sign up to a legitimate hair selling site, take clear photos of your healthy hair, place an ad and wait for the offers to come in.

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Where To Sell Your Hair Online?

With this basic information I’m sure you would like to know what online companies will actually buy your hair. Here’s a list of online places to sell your hair.

This site is a global marketplace for legitimately buying and selling hair. HairSellOn sells all types of hair and accepts hair from as short as 5 inches in length and this includes straight, curly and dreadlocks. 

It is one of the more popular and established online hair selling sites and has a system in place to monitor and prevent any fraudulent activities.

This popular hair trading site states that it is the number one site for buying and selling human hair and has been featured on a number of national and international publications. Buy and Sell Hair is a trusted and established online business since 2010.

Another site for buying and selling hair online to make extra cash is Just Sell My Hair. You can list your ad for free and you can receive payment via PayPal.

This is another global hair selling site and they accept hair of any length this also includes gray hair. The only downside is that there is a cost for placing a listing. Prices for ads start at $12 for a one month listing.

A great place to sell your hair online is to World of Wigs. With over 55 years of wig making knowledge they provide a top quality mail order and in-store service. World of Wigs also buys hair but you will need to check regularly to see when they are open to accepting additional hair supply.

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Sell Your Hair Locally

You can also sell your hair locally directly to hair salons and wig stores or on sites such as Ebay and CraigsList and other listing sites local to your country. Just make sure that when selling that you make adequate checks to prevent getting scammed.

Final Thoughts To Sell Your Hair Online

If this post on selling your hair has opened your eyes to new ways in making extra cash then I advise that you share this post with others. It’s a great way to get a new look, make some extra money and provide a helpful hair trading service.

Sell Your Hair Online for Extra Cash


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Get Paid To Lose Weight: 3 Money-Making Smartphone Apps

Lose Weight and Earn Extra Mone

What if you could get paid to lose weight? Getting some extra cash in your pocket could be a great weight-loss motivator?

Losing weight may not seem fun to many, especially if you’re not feeling motivated enough to shed those extra pounds but there are interesting ways to help you stay on track while losing weight.

For instance, there are sites that will let you put a wager on a weight goal you set yourself and pay you when you reach that goal. 

I’ll share three smartphone apps that can help you earn extra money once you reach your ideal weight losing goal. Read on to learn how to lose weight and earn money while doing it!

DietBet offers two ways to earn money while losing weight. The first is the Kickstarter DietBet where you can compete to lose 4% of your starting weight in 28 days. 

If you reach that goal, you will be able to split the pot with other winners. Keep in mind DietBet takes a fee ranging from 10-25% from the pot. On average, the bet amount is $30.

The second is the Transformer DietBet, where you compete to lose 10% of your starting weight in six months. If you succeed, you will be able to split the pot with other winners. 

According to DietBet, winners earn $325 if they win all 6 rounds or $175 if they win round 6 on average. The cost of this bet is $25/month or $125 paid upfront.

DietBet guarantees you will never lose money if you win your bet, meaning everyone will win a share of the pot once you all reach your goal-losing weight. According to DietBet, most winners make 1.5 to 2 times their bet amount in total.

DietBet has paid out over 18 million dollars to participants who have reached their goal. According to DietBet, over 90% of DietBetters lose weight and earn extra money. Some have earned upwards of $1,000. The money pot grows as more users join. Join DietBet here.

StepBet is a great way to get paid to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. This smartphone app is available to both iOs and Android users. All you need to do is connect your fitness tracker to the StepBet app and it will start to monitor your progress.

The StepBet program is personalized to you through your historical tracker data and once you place a wager on yourself, the app will set up Active goals and Power goals that you will need to reach each week.

You’re a winner once you hit those weekly target goals.

With StepBet, you get that extra monetary push to achieve your exercise goals. You start by setting weekly commitment goals but first of all everyone starts with a warm-up week to become familiar with game play. 

Payment is made through a points system which can easily be converted to a PayPal payout or you could use your points to place another wager on yourself. 

It must be noted that StepBet keeps 15% of the pot for non-member games but you can also join the full membership StepBet games that allows you to keep 100% of the winnings.

HealthyWage is one of the best get paid to lose weight programs out there. You can participate and win cash prizes for reaching your goal weight. 

With HealthyWage, you decide how much you want to lose, how much you want to bet per month, and how long you want to take to achieve your goal. HealthyWage will tell you what prize you will win if you succeed.

For example, if you would like to lose 20 pounds over a 6 month period, and you wager $20 per month, you will have to pay $120 total. If you lose the weight, you will get your wager amounts back plus your winnings. 

Depending on how difficult your set goal is you will be offered different amounts for your winnings. If you do not reach your goal, you lose $120.

The higher your goal and the larger your bet is, the bigger the payout reward. HealthyWage offers the biggest ROI (return on investment) but out of all three apps requires the biggest investment too. So you really need to be sure that you can commit to reaching your ultimate weight loss goal.

You can choose to pay your entire bet amount at once or once per month for the duration of your bet. 

If you lose the weight, they will pay you your wager amounts back plus your winnings at the end of the challenge. Your prize will depend on how much you wager and on your personal data.

HealthyWage pays you promptly via check or PayPal. Join HealthyWage here.

Final Thoughts on Earning Cash to Lose Weight

If you want to get paid to shed those extra pounds, these three companies can help motivate you to make some money off your own weight loss. 

Why not give one of these smartphone apps a try and see if you can lose those few extra pounds. You could end up gaining some extra money in your purse if you achieve your weight loss goal!

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