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Best 15 Work from Home Jobs (No Landline Required)

Many people are looking for decent-paying and flexible, work at home jobs that do not require them to have a landline. The good news is there are many work from home jobs that don’t even require you to take or make calls.

Want a work from home job that don't require a landline phone? You're in luck! Here's 15 types of work at home jobs where you can make money online without a landline.

Whether you’re looking for phone or non-phone jobs that are legitimate, these companies will allow you to work from home without a landline.

15 Types of Work from Home Jobs – No Landline Required

Customer Service

Some customer service job agencies or companies that do not require a landline to work as a customer service agent or representative. You will provide customer services via live chat or VoIP or email services. Here are some companies that offer work at home customer service jobs with no land phone required:


Proofreading is a much-needed job with so much content on the internet these days. There are many opportunities for those who can correct spelling and grammar errors. No phone is needed to complete the work. I recommend  Gramlee and Proofreading Services.

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Phone Mystery Shopper

As a telephone mystery shopper, you may ask you to call a random company to get information about their products and services. The work can be done from anywhere on any phone at any time that’s convenient for you. Check out the following telephone mystery shopping companies below:

Data Entry

Data entry is a simple work at home job that does not require you to be on the phone to do. If you have excellent typing skills and re familiar with basic computer applications, you can find legitimate data entry jobs here.

Telephone Research Interviewer

As a telephone research interviewer, your role involves conducting customer satisfaction surveys by phone. Typically a landline phone is not required, and most of the work is done with your cell phone. Below you will find a list of companies offer telephone research jobs:

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great online job that is ideal for those who enjoy writing and have strong grammar and research skills. If you know about a particular topic, you can find plenty of writing jobs related to that topic.

Occasionally a phone is necessary for making calls to reach out to clients for assignments. You can use any phone you have to perform the job. The pay is per word, per article/blog post, etc., per page, or hour depending on how the site or client pays. Writing sites like Love To Know, Writers Domain, and are great places to start.

Micro Tasks

Micro-tasks or short tasks are jobs that take a short amount of time to complete. Clients post these quick tasks on various micro-task sites, and freelancers like you pick up those tasks based on their skillsets. Payouts vary depending on the job. Some of the popular micro tasks sites are Amazon MturkTask RabbitRecruit Loop, and Clickworker.

Technical Support 

Do you consider yourself a tech-savvy individual? Working as a technical support agent may be ideal for you. If you are interested in applying for a professional support positionSupport Space and are two recommended sites.

Telemarketing/ Sales Jobs 

Comfortable with selling and offering services online? These companies pay you to promote various products by phone; no landline required to perform the job. The following sites recruit telemarketing/sales agents:


Do you have excellent listening skills? Are you able to type fast with 100% accuracy? If so, you can help businesses and individuals transcribe audio files into written documents. The only equipment you will need is a computer, foot pedal; the General transcription job does not require any special qualification.

Tutoring Online

If you have specialized knowledge in any in-demand subjects like math, history, English, etc., then you can tutor students working via a reputable tutoring agency. You will teach in a virtual classroom via Skype, by phone, virtual whiteboard, or other platforms.  Most tutoring companies do not require you to have a landline. You can check out the following sites and agencies for tutoring jobs online:, Homework Help, Smart Thinking, and more here.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! hire search engine evaluators through third-party companies to check whether search results based on certain keyword/phrase are accurate, relevant, and spam-free. Your feedback will help the search engines assess the relevancy of the search query’s intent. Here are some companies that hire search engine evaluators:

Chat Jobs

Many customer service positions do not require communicating by phone. This is where chat jobs come in. If you are a fast and accurate typist and love helping others, you can provide customer service via live chat. Here are some companies and sites that hire home-based workers for chat jobs in the customer service field:

Moderate Forums, Chat Rooms, and Social Media Pages

Online moderation jobs involve moderating websites, forums, community sites, social media pages, etc.  Moderators maintain their clients’ brand by enforcing the rules of these sites or channels. They delete inappropriate content, ban users who break the rules repeatedly, keep topics organized and relevant, and do other tasks.

If you’re hired as a moderator for maintaining a company’s Facebook Page, you will respond to customers’ inquiries, and do other tasks. Here are some companies offering moderation jobs with no land phone required:

Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant normally completes a variety of tasks that range from making phone calls, booking trips, to managing schedules for busy professionals. Any phone is used for completing assignments. Here are some companies offering virtual assistant jobs with no landline required:

Have you worked for a company that does not require a landline? 

It would be great if you’d share those opportunities in my comment section below. This page can become an even better resource for those wanting a no landline phone job. Thanks in advance.

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15 Types of Work at Home Jobs No Landline Required

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Internet Businesses Tips

$13-$16/hr Sedgwick Hiring Home-Based Service Center Associates

Sedgwick is hiring Service Center Associates full-time. Also, there is a requirement to expedite the customer service claims process. Your main role is to connect the customer to the right customer service claims specialist who is right for their case.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online…

One of the good perks about this role is that benefits start on day 1. For example, you’ll get PTO after 60 days. But you’ll get medical benefits as early as your first day. And, paid training is available and the opportunity to work within a team environment. So, if you are desiring the feel of a full-time team-oriented environment with the opportunity to work from home, this may be a good entry-level fit for you!

I also recommend FlexJobs. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, along with a money-back policy if you are unhappy with the website. FlexJobs guarantees that every single job is 100% legitimate.

Start Searching for Work from Home Jobs

Requirements at Sedgwick

First, let’s talk about the requirements for this job. As with all work from home opportunities, Sedgwick has their job requirements. The requirements (from work-at-home job listing) include:

  • Must have a High school diploma or GED.
  • Have to be PC literate, including Microsoft Office products (Must have access to own PC or Laptop).
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Must be able to work within the company’s claim processing timelines. 
  • Should engage in keeping a quality service culture with the Customer Service Team. 
  • Expected to attend and keep to scheduled work hours.
  • One (1) year of clerical or customer service experience or equivalent combination of education and experience preferred.

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Next, let’s talk about the pay rate. Compensation is $13 hourly. Additionally, you’ll be paid bi-weekly.

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How  To Apply at Sedgwick

Finally, go here to apply today at Sedgwick website. Specifically, use the search “Work from home”.

Looking for More Customer Service Jobs?

To view other customer service job leads, you can find those by going to:



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Internet Businesses Tips

$12/hr – Work at Home Customer Service & Sales

Asurion is hiring Work at Home Customer Service & Sales Agents. The company offers remote home-based positions in the US to individuals that are able to sell insurance for electronic devices such as televisions, cell phones, computers and more. You will be assisting customers regarding anything from lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones to malfunctioning computers or TVs. The technology company has been in business since 1994 and claims to have over 15,000 employees providing customer service with the majority working from home.

Asurion pays their Customer Care Agents around $12 – $15 per hour but you will need to have a flexible schedule as the working hours are not fixed. You are also able to work overtime to earn extra money as well.

All agents will receive  a $3,000 Sign On Bonus as long as you start by 7/31. $1,000 paid after 30 days, $1,000 paid after 60 days & $1,000 paid after 180 days.

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