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Remote Work from Home Phone Jobs

Finding phone jobs that you can do from home is much easier with a number of companies hiring workers on a regular basis. This post is going to cover a variety of home-based phone jobs you can apply for today!

Before you anxiously start skimming through to search for your ideal phone job, it is best to make sure your home office is arranged and ready for taking phone calls.

Why? Because a few of the most important items you must have are: A headset and/or phone line. With so many brands and prices to choose from, I have narrowed the best recommendations below:

Now that you have the most important items to set up your home office, here is a big list of work from home phone jobs you can apply for today.

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Where To Find Remote Work from Home Phone Jobs

Here are some companies that are accepting applications for various vacancies within their organization.

Remote Call Center/Customer Service

  1. Alorica At Home – (Read Review) – Hires home-based agents that meet their technical requirements as employees in customer service. Working schedules can be based on an hourly rate, per call, or per minute.
  2. Sykes Home – (Read review) – Hires customer service agents to work from home at their Virtual call center. Applications are processed in 1-2 weeks after payment of $45 for background checks. The payment is $9/hr.
  3. American Express – (Read Review) – Hires full-time home-based customer service workers to offer assistance on credit card accounts as well as handle inbound calls. Agents can work on weekends, evenings, and nights for a pay of $16.13/hr.
  4. Asurion – (Read full review) – Hires full-time customer service and support agents. No startup costs for this company.
  5. Conduent – This company hires Inbound Customer Service Reps. Starting pay is $11.50 per hour and employee benefits.
  6. Concentrix – ( Read review )- Hires full-time and part-time customer service agents. This phone job starts at $9.25 per hour. Open to the US and Canada.
  7. S&E Group LLC. – Hires home-based call agents to answer char requests, email, and calls for global companies. Applicants pay a $7 fee for a background check and $99 or less for training.
  8. Expert Planet –Offers remote call center jobs to experienced home-based workers to work in flexible shifts. Sales experience required.
  9. Sitel [email protected] – (Read review) –  Hires employees to handle diverse sales tasks including taking inbound calls, managing billing inquiries, tech support, and product orders among others. Jobs offered are full-time or part-time schedules with pay of $9-$11/hr with benefits.
  10. ACD Direct – Hires Virtual call center agents that work hourly with flexible timings making it easy to create a schedule.
  11. NexRep – (Read review) -Hires virtual call agents to work from any location for payment of $15/ hr.
  12. LiveOps – (Read review )- Hires home-based agents to be part of their Virtual call center as independent contractors. Applications must include a credit check of $65 and the results of a background check.
  13. 1-800-Contacts – Offers customer service jobs to residents that live at least 50 miles within Draper, UT. Payment is $10/ hr plus incentives.
  14. 1-800-Flowers – Hires call center agents on a permanent, seasonal, or temporary basis within certain states.
  15. New Corp – Hires both home and office-based agents to provide customer service and troubleshoot for clients. Payment for home-based positions are from $9-10/hr whether English speaking or bilingual.
  16. AdviseTech – Offers IT Solutions and hires call center agents, experienced in PCs to handle troubleshooting cases for customers.
  17. Xerox – Hires remote agents in scheduling, customer care, data entry, and tech support with bilingual or Spanish candidates being preferred. Payment is from $10 every hour.
  18. –( Read review) – Hires customer service workers on a part-time basis for a starting pay of $10 to $12 per hour.
  19. Vera-A-Fast Offers customer service positions to home-based workers to help get feedback on their experience with newspaper subscriptions. Payment varies but is not indicated on their website.
  20. Nordstrom – This well-known company hires seasonal work from home agents. Starting pay is $14.65 per hour plus employee benefits and paid training.
  21. TeletechOffers customer support and sales positions to home-based workers with training before starting off. Working hours are flexible with payment on a weekly basis but the exact amount not available on their website.

Don’t like talking on the phone? Check out these Non Phone Work from Home Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring Today! 

Remote Reservations and Sales

  1. American Airlines – Hires reservation agents that work from home after an onsite training of ten weeks. Payment is $9.50/hr plus health and dental insurance package for employees.
  2. Hilton Worldwide –hires home-based Reservation Specialists to book hotel reservations, and offer targeted products and services to individuals or families. Mandatory training provided with performance-based pay from $12 to $15/hr.
  3. Wyndham –Occasionally hires Remote Customer Service Reps and offers location-based training. Pay is not indicated on the site but, usually depends on the available position.
  4. Carlson Wagonlit Travel –Regularly hires home-based agents to work as Travel Counselors to handle phone calls. Offer flexible working hours for experienced workers who are evenings and weekend hours. Pay is $15/hr after two weeks.
  5. Sutherland Global – Hires customer service agents in multiple countries.
  6. Hyatt Hotels – Offers positions for work at home reservation agents on a seasonal basis in particular states. Payment is not indicated on the website but varies from one position to another.

Remote Telemarketing and Sales

  1. Brighten Communications – Formerly known as Helios, it offers home-based telemarketing sales jobs. Payment starts at $12/hr but can increase to $20/hr.
  2. Concentrix(Read full review) – Offers home-based jobs in sales, technical support, and customer care among others. Payment is from $9/hr with tech support agents earning 12/hr plus paid training and employee benefits.
  3. –offers home-based jobs for experienced salespeople to give support in the booking of cruises, vacation packages, and land packages. Employees are offered a base pay plus commissions and benefits package.
  4. Generation Sales Group – Offers jobs in cold calling whereby calls are routed through your computer and USB headset. Payment is from $12/hr for a minimum of 20 hours weekly.
  5. Great Virtual Works – Call center that offers flexible hours to home-based customer service and inbound sales workers. Applicants must attend class and be certified before being allowed to work for 15 hrs weekly at a rate of $15/hr.
  6. HSN – The Home Shopping Network hires workers to handle inbound calls in sales and customer service. Full-time employees get health insurance and must reside in Nashville, TN, St. Petersburg, FL, Nashville, TN and Roanoke, VA.
  7. Marketlink – Hires home-based workers to handle outbound calls for telemarketing clients in the US. Payment is base plus commissions.
  8. Working Solutions – (Read review) – Hires agents for technical support, sales, and service jobs that are primarily done through the phone, chat, and e-mail. To get hired, you need to have the right skills, education, and be self-motivated. Payment is from $7.20 to $30/ hr.

Telephone Mystery Shoppers

These companies will mostly allow you to take calls from your cell phone. That means no landline is required.

  1. –( Read full review) – Call center that offers jobs to telephone mystery shoppers on a part-time basis. Payment is $5 through PayPal for mystery shop calls that are successful
  2.  Perception Strategies –Hires mystery shoppers to get information from doctors in their offices.  Applicants submit applications accompanied by writing samples to get hired. Payment is an hourly rate of $12-$17/ hr.
  3.  Yardi Matrix – Hires telephone mystery shoppers on a seasonal basis. You will be tasked with contacting and gathering information from apartment communities on their rates as well as specials. Payment is $10/hr per hour or something less.
  4. ARC Consulting –(More details) – Has openings for phone mystery shoppers occasionally. Applications can be sent to them with a resume attached.
  5. Intelichek – Read more – This company contracts Canada and US-based mystery shoppers to make calls to help gather information on prices. Working hours are flexible allowing you to create a schedule.

Work from Home Transportation Services

  1. Enterprise – Car rental company offers customer service support positions to residents of the USA and Canada. Training is mandatory with bonuses available monthly for eligible employees. Payment for work at home agents starts from $12 per hour.

Concierge Services

  1. MyTime – Hires customer service agents to handle booking appointments between their local partners and customers. Referred to as concierge contractors, the agents are paid based on performance with no exact amount indicated on their site.
  2. VIP Desk –( Read full Review) – Hires employees as home-based workers to handle inbound customer inquiries through e-mail, online chat, and phone. The positions are referred to as “brand ambassadors” or “concierges.” Payment is from $9-$14 per hour.

    Looking for more companies offering work from home phone jobs?

    If so, I recommend checking out FlexJobs. This is a membership site with tons of hand-screened job leads from reputable companies. The monthly fee is only $15 per month but you can set your account to only use it for one month just to see if you like it. FlexJobs guarantees money back after 30 days if you are unhappy with the site.

    You can go here to see which work at home phone jobs FlexJobs has up right now.

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Internet Businesses Tips

SEO is Changing, is Your Business Ready?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is synonymous with change. Every time you turn around, Google is prioritizing one thing over another, causing SEO professionals to shift their focus according to the algorithm for that time period. Although these changes might seem completely random, believe us, Google has a method to their madness. 

If you think about it, why do people use Google? Most of the time, it’s to find answers to their questions. Whether they’re searching for a location, product, service, or finding out how tall their favorite celebrity is, Google’s goal is to answer your questions. It does this by controlling what you see and how you see it, which is a little scary for a lot of people, but that’s a topic for another day. It analyzes trends and builds upon them to create changes, forging a path for the internet to move forward. 

From a bird’s eye view, Google is constantly changing based on the way users search for information. This doesn’t just impact billion-dollar companies, it affects small businesses all around you who invest in digital marketing and SEO. 

In this article, we’ll:

  • Review the basics of local SEO
  • Dig into the changes happening in local SEO
  • Explain What this means for small businesses
  • Define long-tail keywords
  • Explain how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is influencing the SEO landscape. 

What is Local SEO?

At its core, local SEO is when a business attempts to enhance their online presence without the use of ads in their local community. Companies who invest in local SEO generally have the same goal in mind: rank in one of the top three spots in Google’s local pack and organic listings. 

For those unfamiliar with the terms local pack and organic listings, the local pack is the section at the very top of the search engine results page with a short list of three companies that includes a link to their website, phone number, directions to their business, etc. To view more businesses, you click on the more places tab. The organic listings are a list of companies directly below the local pack, usually accompanied by Google Ads. 

Investing in local SEO means your business is targeting people who are searching with local intent, often using the term “near me” or the name of the city/town after the main keyword to find their desired results. 

Recent Changes in Local SEO

About 20 years ago, if a small business had one page with a few keywords sprinkled throughout the content, they were way ahead of the game. As time went on, companies had to adapt if they wanted to remain competitive, so web design and SEO strategies became more and more detailed. 

Let’s fast-forward to modern day SEO. Digital marketing has reached a state of relevancy to the point that 71% of all small businesses have a website and nearly half of small businesses invest in SEO. Staying up to date with the changes Google throws your way is essential to becoming or remaining relevant online. 

So, what are some of these recent changes?

    • Focusing on on-site and off-site SEO – It’s no longer enough to focus solely on what’s happening on your website, but it’s essential to establish an overall digital presence that complements your site. (social media, backlinking, Google Business Profile which was formerly known as Google My Business, etc.)
    • Creating an exceptional user experience on all devices – Having a website that looks good and functions at a high level on desktop, tablet, and mobile is critical to SEO efforts. In fact, in recent years, Google has prioritized mobile friendliness over desktop. 
    • Creating long-form content is a major priority in the eyes of Google – It wasn’t long ago where doing 400-500 word articles would help you rank online. Now the standard is 1,200-1,500 words. 
    • Optimize quality images throughout your site – For a while, imagery was seen as secondary content on a website, but producing high quality images is now a primary focus for Google. 
    • Last, but certainly not least, Google is falling in love with websites that are voice search friendly – Whether it’s via phone, Alexa, Siri or any other device, nearly 50% of all search queries are done via voice search.

What It Means For Small Businesses

Tracking and implementing Google updates into your SEO and digital marketing strategy can have groundbreaking effects on your business. Generally, people searching for products or services on Google are an untapped resource of potential customers. These individuals haven’t fully decided which company they want to go with, so they turn to the most powerful search engine in the world to guide them. 

Although Google is ever-changing, there’s one thing that hasn’t wavered: the results of those businesses who rank at the top of the local pack on organic results. Year after year, at least 50-60% of ALL clicks go to the top 3 search engine spots. 

Oftentimes, it doesn’t require landing a top three ranking for an entire city or region to yield the sought after results. Over the last 2 years, there has been a 200% increase in “near me” related searches. For example, users are searching for “salon near me,” “restaurants near me,” or “web design company near me,” now more than ever. For individuals who think this is a trend that will eventually fade, the number of near me related searches increased by 900% from 2017-2019! 

Thinking about ranking at the very top of an industry for an entire region might sound daunting for companies new to SEO. But these incredible statistics prove that outranking competitors within close proximity of your business can still provide astounding results. 

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific keywords or phrases that are used when the consumer is closer to the point of purchase or used with voice search. The more commonly used short-tail keywords are shorter phrases that generally refer to broad search topics. 

For example: 

Short-tail keyword – Cat food near me

Long-tail keyword – Organic cat food for sensitive stomachs near me

While long-tail keywords generally have a much lower search volume than short-tail keywords, they help the user find exactly what they are looking for. A great time to consider long-tail keywords is if the generic short-tail terms have extremely high competition and there’s minimal opportunity to rank for those terms. 

The key is discovering the long-tail keywords people are searching for and strategically using them throughout your on- and off-site content. If you offer a very niche product or service within your general scope of offerings, it might be worth it to research these long-tail keyword topics.  

What is AI and How Has it Changed SEO?

Long-tail keywords are growing in popularity because of the way people are searching online. Creating conversational-based content on your website is of growing importance. As previously mentioned, 50% of people are doing search queries via voice search. The more this number increases and the more data Google can gather from these searches, the more the emphasis on long-tail terms will increase. This has everything to do with Artificial Intelligence, or AI. 

Artificial Intelligence is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Yes, that sounds a little scary and iRobot-esque. But we’ve all been living with AI for years. The reality is that your smartphone, Alexa, Siri, email spam filter, and, yes, the Netflix recommendation setting you use on a daily basis, is AI. 

AI functions differently than normal search patterns. People ask Alexa, “Where should I go for dinner?” but they might search “dinner near me” while typing on their phone or computer. 

This ties in with how SEO is evolving around AI and voice search patterns. Think about it: when you ask Alexa or your phone a voice search question, it tends to be “long-tailed.” And if Google is evolving based on the searches people are inquiring about, it’s essential to be aware of this and adapt to the changes. 

Since people are continuing to search for products and services as if they’re having a conversation, creating conversational content is growing in importance. 

This means discovering what long-tail keywords people are searching for in your industry, and implementing these into your digital presence to create a personalized experience for the user. 

For some companies, adding long-tail keywords and AI voice search patterns into your digital strategy isn’t applicable yet. But some businesses in heavily searched, high-volume industries center their entire strategy around voice search and long-tail terms. 

No matter what boat you’re in, remaining vigilant of these changes will help your business remain relevant online. 

You Need a Trusted Partner

Things are changing in SEO, and unless you’re a full-time SEO professional, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of all the trends. The fact is, SEO is just one piece to the digital marketing puzzle. 

If SEO makes sense for your brand, it’s essential to find a trusted partner to guide you through the process – and even let you know if SEO matches your company goals and overall business strategy. 

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Internet Businesses Tips

5 Ways To Beat The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for Remote Jobs

Have you lost count of how many remote jobs you applied for and weren’t successful? Well, you might have encountered the Applicant Tracking System for Remote Jobs.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online…

When uploading your resume or completing an online application your details will pass through the applicant tracking system software that searches for specific keywords within a document. 

Today I’ll share some tips on how you can pass the hurdles of this software by helping you navigate this tracking system the right way.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

To fully understand what you need to make your cover letter and resume get past the ATS checking stages you need to know what an Applicant Tracking System otherwise known as ATS is looking for, 

Firstly, the ATS is used by HR Managers and recruiters. Specific keywords are programmed into the software and the tracking system searches for the pre-programmed keywords.

Next, the ATS filters out those applications with the keywords and moves them to the next stage. Those applications without the keywords end up being rejected by the software.

This is done to help recruiters quickly find the right candidates for their online jobs. It saves time and allows those who read the job description carefully to rightfully get to the next stage such as a test, a phone call, or a first interview.

Recruiters receive hundreds if not thousands of applications and the recruiting process is made more efficient by using the ATS.

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How To Get Through the Applicant Tracking System

Now that you know what the ATS does it’s your time to take a look at your application and make the required adjustments.

You probably have a great reading cover letter and resume but you might be missing a few things. Here is a quick guide on what to look for and what to do.

Step #1 – Read Over the Job Description

This sounds simple enough but you really need to focus on what exactly is required. What is the job title? What is the main function of the job? What software tools are used for the job? How many years of experience does it require? 

For instance, if the job requests over 5 years of experience and you only have 6 months that will go against you and you may end up on the reject pile.

Step #2 – Use the Keywords

From reading over the job description you should be able to easily figure out what the keywords are for the remote job you’ve applied for. Highlight them to go back to later.

Make sure that you add these keywords to your resume, cover letter, and or application and that the document reads naturally.

A simple tip is to make a list of all the keywords and tick them off once you have used them throughout your document so as not to miss any or to overuse them.

Check this out too! How To Write an Eye-Catching Resume Summary

Step #3 – Check Tone of Company Culture

From the tone of the job description, and doing online research you can usually tell if the work environment is laid back or very formal. Ensure that your cover letter reflects this honestly to show that you’re a good fit for the company.

Step #4 – Look Out for Special Instructions

Be aware that some companies may ask strange requests as a way to see if you were paying keen attention and can follow direct instructions. 

You might have seen requests to type the word ‘rabbit’ in the subject line, or name your favorite food somewhere in the letter.

This is done as another way to filter out unsuitable candidates who do not follow instructions. Make sure this isn’t you!

Step #5 – Read Over Application Before Submitting

One simple mistake that is sometimes made is not reading over your document one final time before submitting it. 

A good idea is actually to not look at your resume or cover letter for at least an hour so that you will have fresher eyes when reading over to spot any mistakes such as spelling mistakes or bad grammar.

Final Thoughts On How to Conquer the Applicant Tracking System

Don’t look at the Applicant Tracking System as a way to block you from getting your dream remote job use it to your advantage to make your application the best. 

Follow the 5 tips above by reading over the job description, adding the required keywords, checking on the tone of how company content is written, looking out for any special instructions, and definitely making sure to read over your application before submitting.

I hope you found these 5 simple steps useful to get to the next stage of finding your ideal remote job and please do share it with others who are also looking for online work.

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