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Why is content curation full of quality and quantity

Content curation isn’t a new word in the content marketing world. When we talk about content curation, we usually talk about how easy it is to get our work done without worrying about content creation.


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But most people, generally, don’t think that content curation is quality content. A lot of people think that we can only accumulate content using content curation, however, it is not true. 68% of people still use content curation tools for content marketing.


There are several ways to curate content, especially using content curation tools you can create many awesome articles very easily.


But there is a trick to how you can turn your content curation into one full of quality and quantity content. In this article, the following are the things we are going to learn:


  • Fundamentals of content curation
  • Benefits of Content Curation
  • Why does quantity no longer give you results?
  • Quality matters, but…
  • Why do you need to blend both aspects equally to create awesome content?
  • Conclusion

So, why late? Let’s get started right away!

What is Content Curation?

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Content Curation involves collecting information from different sources and putting it all together in a proper way to give the content one shape.

The difference between content curation and content creation is creativity. You don’t need any kind of creativity to generate content in content curation.

All you have to do in content curation is to gather as much information as you can and put it in an order so that it looks presentable and approachable to the readers.

Additionally, it can also help you with SEO. You can generate a lot of backlinks using content curation so that you can make your presence felt on the internet.

Benefits of Content Curation

Credits: Rosssimmonds

There are plenty of benefits to content curation. In the following we will talk about each one of them in detail:

Ample Content

You can generate a lot of content without any difficulty. If you look at all popular websites, you can see that their content is most likely more than 1500 words.

Though I am not generalizing that more than 1500 words are large content, it is important to realize that content beyond 1500 words always gets traction.

There are many pieces of evidence to corroborate that fact.

Build Backlinks

We have all been there at some point in time and wondered “how do you build backlinks to the website?”

Credit: Pitchbox

Content curation gives you a great opportunity to build backlinks from many websites.

When you gather information from multiple websites, you have the chance to build the backlinks to the website as well. Just by outreach emails you can contact them and ask them for backlinks, and make your presence felt on the internet.

You get to know the influencers

When you collect information from multiple websites, it is more likely that you will come across many influencers in your field.

It is very essential to know the influencers in your field so that it will help you in the future to expand your audience base.

I personally use PitchBox for Influencer outreaching & till now that has been a good help for me.

It facilitates the quality

You don’t need to worry about the quality part since you are trying to include everything about the subject from multiple websites with a detailed explanation. Good content involves both quantity and quality. It is just like good SEO. Good SEO involves both strong content and design.

This will help you in the process of being an expert among the others

No one wants to deal with a newcomer in the field as they don’t want to ruin their company with newcomers even though you have extremely new ideas.

Being an expert in one field is very essential to sell your product in the market. If people know that you are an expert in the field then without any hesitation, people will contact you for advice, and they might even become your lead in the future.

Content curation helps you in this regard.

It allows you to view things from different perspectives

No two people think the same. Having different perspectives about the subject will have a certain advantage.

You can see things from different perspectives that expand your horizons about the topic.

Remember, there is always more to any subject in this world than it existed in this world. It’s just that we haven’t explored that new horizon yet.

This will allow you to get updated about the subject

If you like to live in your bubble all the time for creativity, it is more likely that you miss out on several new things.

Particularly in this digital age, we are witnessing things getting updated very quickly. To keep up with this world, it is important to get updated about the information regularly from different sources.

Okay, that’s about benefits. We now move on to other things in the following.

Why does quantity no longer give you results?

Back in the day, there were no restrictions or rules that you needed to follow to maintain the quality. Today, there are a few algorithms, bots, and guidelines to follow so that search engines can give good quality to the users.

Today, quantity doesn’t matter, no matter how long it is as long as it has already existed on the internet. You need quality along with quantity.

There is nothing wrong with the quantity, but how you are presenting it with some sort of added value to the users is most important.

It’s 2020, people have so much exposure to data that they might already have seen the information you are providing on your website.

What your data can do is just annoy the readers and make them close your website, and the result is a high bounce rate. Hence, delete the notion that quantity makes the content great.

Quality matters, but…

There is no doubt that quality matters, but you cannot include everything if it is a complicated subject. Some topics needed a detailed explanation.

To obtain the detailed explanation part, you need some quantity/substance to provide some information and support your argument so that it seems convincing and reasonable to the reader.

If you can’t convince the reader about your argument on the subject, it is more likely that the reader gets confused and bewildered with the limited information. Again, the result – he will close the tab and move on to another website.

Yes, I said that quantity doesn’t matter in the above paragraph, but I also said that quality matters. So what I am trying to say is, you need to find the right balance between quality and quantity.

Never go and write too much about something without substance in the subject. Also, never go and write too little about a complicated subject without giving a detailed explanation.

Decide for yourself how much quantity and quality are needed for a particular subject. Look at various good websites as to how they have written about a particular subject, accordingly made some adjustments to your article.

It is not always about quality and it is also not always about quantity. It is about finding the balance.

In the end, quality matters, but quantity matters, too.

Why do you need to blend both aspects equally to create awesome content?

Yes, that’s quite a question to ponder. To answer that question, I will give one example in the following:

There is no way you can explain the following in a 500-word article about “How do you launch a Mars orbiter from planet Earth?”

By now, you might have understood why quantity matters, but there might be some people who think they can explain it in quite a few words.

Yes, it is possible to make people understand about the above-complicated subject in very few words. But remember, that is not possible with everyone. Only some people who have profound knowledge about rocket-launching can explain it in very few words.

Yet, there is some problem with very few words even after having exceptional knowledge about rocket-launching. Even if you succeed in trying to explain that in a 500-word article, there are fewer chances readers could comprehend it more easily.

You need to keep in mind that everyone doesn’t have the same understanding levels. Some can understand very quickly. Some can understand very slowly. Everyone takes their own time and it varies on the individual.

To make it more understandable and appealing to everyone, you have to explain everything about rocket-launching which means even a layman can understand what rocket-launching is.


Now that you know how to maintain the balance between quality and quantity, go ahead and pick one topic.

Depending on the topic, you decide how much quality and quantity you want for the article. If you are in doubt, just look at the other popular websites and how they have dealt with the topic.

Based on that, you will get to know how much quantity and what kind of quality is needed for the readers to understand the topic.

Never just write the content based on one thing. To create awesome content, you need everything in order, only then you can educate the readers.

I want to end this article with the following statement.

“Content is not the king, quality and quantity of the content is king.”


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Internet Businesses Tips

What Does it Mean for Your Business?

In an era of the internet where it feels like everyone offers a “plug-and-play” website creation tool, it can be easy to overlook the importance of a web design strategy and the critical impact your website can have on the growth and health of your organization. Where once websites were one-page billboards that advertised a company’s existence, now users and consumers expect a website to be a functional, multi-layered tool that answers their questions and gets them where they need to go. But how, with everything else you’re juggling in your role, do you prioritize website strategy, understanding your user, and analyzing data to make informed suggestions? That’s where a website discovery comes in. 

What is a Website Discovery? 

Let’s get one thing out of the way: a Website Discovery is a “branded” Engenius term. When we use it, we’re referring to the process by which we help companies review their online presence, outline potential opportunities, and suggest web design strategies that help them see success with their users and achieve their business goals. It’s a deep dive, if you will, into your organization’s online health and well-being by a party that has expertise in that area. 

Why is a Website Discovery worth it?

One statement: creating a strategy to maximize your ROI. Your website is a 24/7 sales rep that showcases who you are to the audiences you’re hoping to reach. More than that, it can be an incredibly helpful tool that connects to an online employee portal, or your customer service chat, or a donation or payment processing platform, or any number of other resources. A Website Discovery accomplishes three main goals. 

First, a Website Discovery makes you ask the big questions about your organization’s past, present, and future.

In a thorough discovery, you’ll want to consider:

  • What is important to your business now? Growth? Maintaining current revenue? Adding a product or service? 
  • Do you want to appeal to new clients or grow the current spend and referral potential of current clients? 
  • Do you want to hire more staff or do you simply want to retain your existing personnel?
  • What matters most to your audience?
  • What’s your competitive advantage?

All of these questions, and more, inform the strategy behind your website. Your answers feed into the overarching question your agency or freelance partner should be asking: how your website can support and further your organizational goals. 

The second goal of a Website Discovery is to connect you with an outside person or group trained to help you see the big picture more clearly.

Let’s look at an example. If you’re planning an expensive trip to Europe, Asia, or some other exotic destination, you can do it yourself OR you can go work with a travel agency. While DIY has merit, a travel agent relies on connections, experience, and in-depth knowledge of where you’re going to formulate a plan that fits your unique goals. You might have a lovely trip to Italy that you planned…but are you sure you’ll know about the cutest bed & breakfast, best tour group, or local-legend restaurant? Probably not, but an expert might be able to point you in the right direction and tailor a trip specifically for your interests. Whether working with a travel agent or working with a web design freelancer or agency, having an outside group take a fresh look at your situation is a win. 

Third, a Website Discovery provides you with data-backed insights into your current website and your desired users.

The internet is FULL of data, but too much data can be overwhelming. A formal Website Discovery allows trained experts to do the hard work for you. Instead of sifting through mountains of numbers, insights, and projections to come up with a potentially murky conclusion, a discovery process lets trained experts pull the stats relevant to their field and present them back to you in a helpful, digestible way. Numbers tell a story, but not everyone has the time to write or read the book. Letting someone else do the digging may be one of the most rewarding things you could do for your information. 

What should I bring to the table for the Website Discovery process? 

You! Your organization is unique. Your goals and dreams, clients, and ideal users are unique. You should enter the Website Discovery process with a general idea of your goals and what’s important to you personally and your organization professionally. A good Website Discovery partner, like a good consultant, should ask the right questions to help you unpack your business and get to the heart of what’s important.  

What should I look for with a Website Discovery partner?

Honesty, good communication, and the desire to help your organization succeed. The point of a Website Discovery is to help you understand the potential of your website to be an irreplaceable tool for your business. In order to achieve that, however, you may need the support of a web design partner that has your best interests at heart. Read through reviews and case studies of anyone you’re considering, but beyond that, ask them a few hard questions and see how they respond. A good partner should be able to tell you when they are a good fit…and when they aren’t. 

Pro-tip: ask them the last time they turned away a lead that wasn’t a good fit. How they handled that situation might give you a good idea as to what they value in a client relationship!

A Website Discovery is a fantastic way to gain a deeper understanding of the web design world, your business objectives online, and the best, most strategic way to achieve those objectives. It’s also a great opportunity to gain industry insight from people who know their stuff and want to help your organization succeed. In the end, we all want a better internet experience, and good websites and smart digital marketing are a part of that bigger picture. 

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Internet Businesses Tips

14 Virtual Jobs You Can Do from Home in the Hospitality Field

For job seekers with a background in the hospitality industry, finding an opportunity online may be a hard task to undertake. The hospitality field is more than working the front desk of a hotel chain. So when deciding a career in this field you will have to think outside the box. 

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online…

Various assignments within hospitality may include online reservations, vacation planning, event planning, personal concierge services and more.

Here are 12 Virtual Jobs in the Hospitality Field that you can do.

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Online Reservations and Sales

As an Online Reservation or Sales Specialist, your leading role is to provide top-quality customer service and inform customers about current specials and opportunities while addressing queries and concerns about hotel and trip reservations. 

It has now become commonplace for larger and well-known hotel chains to hire home-based reservation specialists and here are a few you can apply to.

Hilton Worldwide

Hilton hires Reservation Specialists to work from home booking preferred hotel reservations, while offering products and services that are targeted to each individual or family needs.

American Express

This well-known company hires Travel Counselors to handle incoming calls from American Express travel members who need assistance regarding their travel needs.


Wyndham occasionally hires for Remote Customer Service Reps. You will need to regularly check back with them for future opportunities.

CWT – Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Carlson Wagonlit Travel frequently hires Travel Experience Counselors to answer phone calls during the evenings and weekend hours. Your main goal is to deliver the best trip and offer great recommendations to the traveler.

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Active Network

Active Network frequently hires seasonal online Reservation Agents. Your main role is to assist customers with campsite reservations, park reservations, and possibly assist with purchases of hunting and fishing licenses.

Expedia Group

This well-known online travel company has a number of travel services under their umbrella such as, HomeAway, Trivago, Travelocity, and others. 

Opportunities for remote customer service representatives, online reservation specialists and many other remote jobs are open in various locations around the world.

Work from Home Transportation Services

From making car rental arrangements to scheduling driver services, this is a job in the hospitality industry that will always have openings. 

While working as a transportation specialist, your main responsibility is to connect customers with their ideal transportation – this can be in the form of car, boat, yacht rentals or personal drivers.


This is a well-known car rental company, headquartered in St Louis, Missouri. 

Enterprise has more than 80,000 employees, providing quality service rental brands including Enterprise Rent a Car, Alamo Rent A Car, and National Car Rental. 

They have a reputation for being a great place to work and are now ranked 15th on the Forbes Private Companies list.


Uber is a popular and fast-growing transportation company that hires not just drivers but also customer service reps, account managers and IT engineers who can work remotely from home. 

You could end up working virtually for their everyday Uber ride service, Uber Eats delivery service or even their luxury car service called Lux.


Hertz is another  popular rental car company. You can become a Customer Service Associate, or an Account Manager. You can choose to work from different locations or a hybrid mix of working or completely remote.

Vacation Planning and Travel Services

Sometimes it can become very stressful when planning a vacation. This is where a travel counselor or vacation planner come into play for those who want to work remotely and provide a much-needed service.

American Express 

American Express frequently hires Travel Counselors to handle incoming calls from travel members to book them the best trip they can imagine. 

Your main focus will be domestic and international destination travel, car and hotel travel arrangements and taking ownership of the journey from beginning to end. hires Cruise Sales and Customer Service Specialists. This job involves more than sales and customer service. Your main role is to sell cruise packages, insurance, and other products to current and future customers. 

Work is done through inbound and outbound calls, online chat and email support.

If you already have great customer service experience within the cruise industry then this will be the ideal work from home job for you to get paid to use the skills you have.

Concierge Services

If you are looking for more than an inbound Customer Service job and want more of a challenge, consider working in virtual concierge services. 

This is an awesome area of employment that offers satisfaction to clients seeking your well-organized and professional service. From personal gift requests to specialized travel needs, your personal attitude will be rewarded in the thanks you receive.


This company connects customers with local businesses through booking appointments. Customers can schedule appointments, such as a hair cut or home cleaning, and a MyTime Concierge Contractor makes the connection for the client.

VIP Desk Connect 

Once you join up to work with VIP Desk you will handle their inbound customer requests by phone, e-mail, and online chat.  Your title will be “brand ambassadors” or “concierges.” 

Brand ambassadors are mostly customer service reps and support the needs of the company’s corporate clients. Check regularly for remote job openings.

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If luxury hospitality is your thing and you know where the best and most luxurious vacation spots are around the world or locally you can arrange exceptional vacation experiences for clients. You can do this by working remotely for Inpirato.

They have a number of remote openings that cater to high-end travelers who pay for membership to this exclusive travel club. 

Final Thoughts

Finding remote jobs within the hospitality industry is not that hard when you know how and where to look. 

Now that hybrid and work from home ways of working has become more popular, companies have begun to offer more virtual job opportunities to create more flexibility and work-life balance for staff.

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